It’s been over three years since I last posted the contents of my bag so I felt it was high time I did another one!

Make-up kit – I’m in the middle of re-hauling the contents of my kikay kit to pare it down to essentials. I also need a cuter bag. I’ll make a post soon!

Nook – aka Nook Skywalker. Currently with my dad because he wanted to read World War Z.

Wallet – New, purchased last week after the magnetic clasp of my old one broke when I slipped down a ramp one rainy night.

Banana Bliss, one last Mentos, cat necklace – A My Little Pony to carry with me wherever I go; Mentos for breath that is fresh 2 death; a little bit of flair for when it is needed.

Handkerchief – For sweat, snot, and stuff.

iPhone – For life etc. The only time I get to catch up on TV shows is during the commute to and from work and since I’m too pobre for a fancy tablet, I watch everything on my phone.

Pen, flash drive, lighter, inhaler – I actually haven’t used the inhaler in months but you never know!

Self-defense tools – A cat skull stabby and a kubotan stick. Fortunately, I have never had to use these and I hope to keep it that way!

Baby cologne – To attract blind pedophiles or something IDK. I love baby cologne (Para Mi Bebe in blue is my favorite)

iPhone earbuds and charger

Not pictured: my lunch container and my wireless mouse!