Today marks two months and two days working (in-office) at Movent. Technically, I’ve been employed here as a freelancer since mid-February but I didn’t start coming in daily ’til end of May.

Judging by the lack of activity on this blog thing here, it’s obviously been busy.

Besides work, here are things I’m currently into:

TV Shows

The Carrie Diaries and Under the Dome. I transfer episodes to my phone and watch them on the commute to and from work (or else I’d never find the time!). Like everyone else who watches The Carrie Diaries, I’m totally swooning over Sebastian Kydd!


Carly Rae! I gave her album a few listens a while back and didn’t really like it. I gave it another chance this week and now I can’t stop listening to it!


Excited for

Glamourbox‘s make-up workshop I’m attending on Saturday! Seeing Carly Rae live next week! My Hong Kong trip the week after! Seeing Japandroids live on the 29th! And then Explosions in the Sky in October!

Thinking about

Work and work deadlines. How I don’t seem to be losing any inches or weight despite the few changes I’ve made (oh, old age and a slowing metabolism, you are a bitch). The weekend. Trying a yoga class (I am on Pinterest everyday and those damn yoga pins make me feel like an inadequate person). What to do with my hair. Other mundane things, like science and politics.

Thankful for

The xx live in Manila

NuffnangPH for giving me tickets to see The xx live last Tuesday! If it weren’t for them and RandomMinds, I would have missed out on a great show because personally, PHP6000~ was just too steep a price to pay (I heard the show was sold out, though!). And to think I’ve been such a terrible blogger person thing!

Making me happy

Going to the gym! I try to go 3-4 times a week but shit’s been busy lately that I missed the last 3 days. I FEEL EXTRA FAT.

My pals, Sanya and Triccie, also make me happy. I love how they’re always down for drunk swammin’ at Triccie’s pool (provided they are drunk enough). They’re also very funny.

Ezra Koenig and his tweets. I love them so much that I have my favorite tweets of his screencapped and saved in a folder on my laptop. I love them so much that I eventually plan to have every single one of them printed on a shirt.

July was kick ass and I can tell that August is going to be even better. I’m also probably going to be very very broke. Now I’m off to the gym to try and make up for all the carbs and refined sugars I’ve been eating since Monday!