Weekend Eats: Chopstop

Technically, this isn’t a weekend eat since my co-worker and I went there Thursday night for a super late dinner (we stayed in the office way past 10PM, squeezing in work before the long weekend). I suggested we walked to Commune (which my former boss, Ros, owns) at the end of Valero but we chanced upon Chopstop a few blocks down and decided to try it.

Kind of a mistake, really.



Chopstop has a look and feel similar to Army Navy’s and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were owned by the same company.


I was really hungry and couldn’t decide on what “Chops” to get and it didn’t help that the lady behind the counter kept babbling on about their bestsellers. After hearing her suggest Gravy Chicken Chops about four times, I gave in and ordered that.


Gravy Chicken Chops

The Gravy Chicken Chops came with a small cup of mushroom gravy sauce and some weird ass cabbage salad with peanut sauce. I HATE PEANUT SAUCE (but I was hungry so I ate it anyway hehe). The cabbage stuff honestly looked like atsara in the picture??? I wish they put the peanut sauce on the side. WHAT IF I HAD A PEANUT ALLERGY???

Rafa, my co-worker, ordered the Tonkatsu Pork Chop (which I didn’t get to take a photo of) and the Bacon and Egg French Toast which looked really really good in the picture.


And then because I was hungry, I also got their Cheesy Bacon Fries.


Here r r ratingz:

Gravy Chicken Chops – 2.5/5
The chicken itself was thin, dry, and not very tasty on its own. The last bite of the chicken chop, in particular, felt like I bit on a bone??? I would have given this 3 stars if it weren’t for that AND THE DARN PEANUT SAUCE.

Pork Tonkatsu Chop – ?/5
I forgot Rafa’s rating but he wasn’t too pleased with it, either. I think he gave it 2.5 stars, too.

Cheesy Bacon Fries – 2/5
How could you mess up something as potentially awesome as CHEESY BACON FRIES!!! The cheese tasted strange and bacon bits that finely chopped are just plain stupid (unless it’s mixed in with rice). I did not finish this and that says a lot on how crappy something is!

Bacon and Egg French Toast – 0/5
This is easily the most disgusting thing I’ve ever put in my mouth (and I’ve date some pretty ugly guys JK JK JK). It was just a greasy, buttery slab of SHIT. The egg, like the cheese in the damn fries, also tasted strange. WHAT DO THEY COOK THEIR FOOD IN? Rafa took one half of it apart in hopes of picking at the bacon and guess what? The damn bacon was tasteless.


Mukhang brip.

HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY FUCK UP BACON??? That should be a crime!

Anyway, I’m bringing Sanya there soon because she likes crappy food.

Chopstop is located along Valero Street in Makati.

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  • Reply Trish August 11, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    The last photo looks really sad. What a waste of bacon :(

  • Reply Tracy August 11, 2013 at 9:28 pm

    Also if it’s no too good it looks yummy! But I’m hungry, so everything looks yummy to me now.

  • Reply Beauty by Tellie August 14, 2013 at 6:40 am

    Das a little too expensive for rubbish, if you ask me :/

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