Ysa and I are currently in Hong Kong for a 5-day vacation (working vacation for me eep). We haven’t done much but shop (a little sick of malls by now) and our plans for today are kind of falling apart because of the tropical cyclone/typhoon warning. DISNEYLAND IS CLOSED.

Disneyland, the only reason I even booked this vacation, is closed. Today was supposed to be Disneyland Day!

But we’ll find out around 2pm if the park will re-open.


I kid, I kid. Typhoons are serious business.

It’s a bit alarming looking out our hostel room’s window to see empty streets, especially since we’re right next to Times Square and this area is always busy and crowded as fuck. All the stores across us are closed, save for one AND IT HAS TO BE A CAKE SHOP AND NOT SOME PLACE USEFUL LIKE SASA.

We’re really hoping that they lift the warning and that Disneyland decides to open its magical gates to us, though!!! If not, we’re heading to maybe Avenue of Stars or Madame Tussauds for stupid pictures.