Picked this up from Camie‘s blog! Here is the link to the original The Sunday Currently blog link-up.



Ape and Essence by Aldous Huxley. It’s one of those books I’ve had in my library for nearly a decade but never got around to picking up. I’m trying to read more these days but it’s a little hard because I gave my Nook to my dad and I’m not a fan of carrying around books.

Also reading: 500 Internal Server Error (What It Is and How To Fix It).


Replies to Tumblr messages and attempting to work.


Candles by Daughter


About my goal for 2014 and if I’ll still be able to achieve It, what with recent setbacks. Also stressing about all the carbs I consumed over the weekend and how I’m so sick of always worrying and feeling guilty about eating rice and drinking beer.


Fried chicken cooking, coconut oil, and hair bleach.


It were January 6, 2014 already aka the day Teen Wolf returns from its mid-winter break!


For some side projects to supplement my income.


Nothing but a towel on my head. I just took a shower and I’m in bed about to slather more coconut oil on my hair.


Tweets of Grass – tweeting lines from Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass (one of my faves), little by little.

Haimson4Ever – a call for a collaboration between Hanson (my favorite 3-brother band) and Haim (my favorite 3-sister band). I tweeted some time last week how they should work on something together (for the lulz) and whaddaya know, other people think they should, too!


Another long weekend. It’s crazy how bone tired I feel these days, even though I haven’t really been doing anything to merit the exhaustion. I’m getting old and I need to start taking a multivitamin.


To work! I have two deadlines tomorrow and I want to avoid a hectic Monday so I have to at least finish one of those deadlines today. I also need to finish filling out my employment forms for Movent and get to the requirements.


Ugly. I bleached my roots and missed a few spots so I have orange, patchy hair that I can’t touch for the next few weeks!


The play button on VLC. About to watch Toy Story 3! Then work after, I PROMISE.