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Food Diary: What I Ate Wednesdays Featuring Diet Diva PH // 10

The unthinkable has happened: the word diet (or the battlecry “di nako magra-rice kahit kailan!!!”) is no longer part of my daily vocabulary.

It is the most liberating thing I have ever felt… ever!!!

To eat all the rice I want.
To eat an occasional bag of potato chips and not internally berate myself for it.
To go nuts with beer and not wail about my fratman’s gut for the next few days.
To re-consider stopping by McDonald’s on my way to the office not because it’s fattening, but because it’s shit food.
To have dessert.
Etc etc.

It’s really great. I’ve gained some weight but I am oddly more comfortable with my body now. I think I just stopped caring! Someone’s always going to be fatter than I am anyway.

I still have terrible eating habits, though. Skipping meals, eating junk— that sort of thing.

Good thing my buddy, Tin, gave me the gift of Diet Diva! Free food! Meals delivered to me every morning! No reason not to eat! Rice! For one whole week!

This time around, I did Diet Diva just so I could eat like a healthy, normal person.

Here are the things the good folks at Diet Diva put in my tummy last week:

Day 1

Diet Diva

Breakfast: Wheat ensaymada with hot chocolate
Lunch: Beef casserole with red mountain rice
Dinner: Chicken adobo flakes with hard-boiled egg and brown rice
Snack: Vegetable crackers

Day 2

Diet Diva

Breakfast: Chicken longganisa with tomato, salted egg, and brown rice
Lunch: Pork steak with fried garlic and brown rice
Dinner: Chicken wheat bread sandwich and tea
Snack: Boiled plantains

Day 3

Diet Diva

Breakfast: Scrambled egg with mushrooms, sugar-free wheat pandesal, and tea
Lunch: Italian meatballs in marinara sauce on wheat linguini pasta
Dinner: Pork menudo with red rice
Snack: Fresh fruit

Day 4

Diet Diva

Breakfast: Pork tapa rice mix
Lunch: Grilled bangus steak with garlic, onions, and red mountain rice
Dinner: Chicken teriyaki plus potatoes
Snack: Fresh fruit

Day 5

Diet Diva

Breakfast: Turkey spamdesal and tea
Lunch: Hainanese chicken and brown rice
Dinner: Diet Diva’s beefy penne pasta
Snack: Fresh fruit

For the clueless, Diet Diva is a 5-day 1200-calorie-a-day program (PHP1900). I was on it for a few weeks (on and off) in 2012 and lost 4 pounds (water weight lol) my first week. People who stick to it will obviously lose more (e.g. Tin, who lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks). If I recall correctly, they recommend beginners to do two consecutive weeks of the program.

Have you tried Diet Diva? Did you find it worth your money?

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  • Reply Cams January 23, 2014 at 9:27 am

    I did it last year for several months (about 6) and lost 12 pounds–with regular exercise. The best thing about it I think is that on weekends, I can eat anything and not feel guilty about it. I’ve stopped around August, but the best thing is that even with minimal exercise I kept the weight I lost off.

  • Reply Raisa January 24, 2014 at 3:07 am

    Wow, I wish I had that service where I live! All the meals look very filling. I’m terrible with my diet right now and I’m so bad about skipping meals.

  • Reply valerie January 29, 2014 at 1:10 am

    hello, I love your layout! Did you make it?
    Anyway I’m writing here because I don’t find a contact form or comment box. would you like to exchange links wit my website ?
    Please let me know :)

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