So this guy and I went steady last December. It’s been super fun!

Here is a photo of him napping (we spend a lot of time sleeping because we are old and tired):

This is what he looks like awake:

Our conversations go a bit like this:

Joey: *makes a dumb joke*
Helga: Who’s a barrel of laughs???
Joey: *attacks my midsection* Who’s a barrel!

This is what we look like together:

“That finger came from my butt!”

We’re adorable, I know.

He’s also in a band called Halik Ni Gringo! Here is a non-performance photo of them:

After years of keeping their fans waiting, they are finally releasing an album, titled The Call of Booty, tomorrow! It is an album full of Halik Ni Gringo songs!

(Imagine that.)

Here is the lineup:

Head to Borough at Podium tomorrow night to avail of The Call of Booty and the all-new Halik Ni Gringo shirts!

This is what the shirt looks like:

It’s super high quality and Deep Sea Danny will feel right at home on your upper body!

See ya!