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The Sunday Currently // 5

A little late to posting! I was out most of the day and had to work first before allowing myself to even touch this blog. I don’t know why it takes me so long to craft a simple blog entry; I’ve been “working” on this for over an hour now. Sure, I’ve been taking small cat and internet breaks but getting this done shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes!



Todd Henry’s The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice. Reading non-fiction is like wading through molasses; it’s just not that interesting to me as fiction. But I shall try and soldier on.


This blog entry and replying to some emails.


To a Disney playlist on Spotify! It’s currently on Robin Williams’ Prince Ali.


If I should cook tuyo pasta or just do it tomorrow night after work. I was planning on making a batch tonight to pack for work tomorrow but I ended up making adobo instead.

(hashtag helgaproblems)


Ginger Linen Spray from Bath Origins. It smells really nice but it doesn’t last long.


For an easy work week (as always). I’ll be needing to take Wednesday and Friday off because Joey and I are heading to Puerto Galera for the Bulabod Music Festival. I am excited!


I can actually get some sleep again. I was plagued with anxiety attacks all week last week and I must’ve clocked in only 15 hours of sleep. I hate it and I end up wasting my weekends.


One of Joey’s shirts. Impromptu sleepovers!


This evil cat.

Little Miss Freakie is the devil and she has the horns to prove it.


To build more solid and deeper relationships with the people around me. I don’t know how to go about this, though, because I tend to shy away or just not care.


To publish this entry so I can move on with my life aka catch up on The Mindy Project.


Really great. I had a fantastic weekend and my room is nice and cold so I don’t have heat-fueled anger lol.


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