the weekend

The Weekend

Bougainvilleas make me so happy. I think that when I have some extra time and money, I’m going to pick up a few flowering plants from the nurseries along White Plains or get Joey to come with me to Manila Seedling Bank.

One of Joey’s new books. He joked that he bought it for me and I don’t understand why???

I hate the heat but I love summer afternoons. Everything is so golden!

Dairy Queen Blizzards are the best way to cool down. Joey got Banana Split, I tried Waffle Crisp Nutella. Brownie Temptation is still my favorite flavor. Oh, and I successfully skipped sweets all week last week! This was a reward of sorts and yes, I know that’s counter-productive.

Sitting on dirty grass and sipping a beer at last Saturday’s Satchmi Vinyl Day. It was so hot and uncomfortable that I asked Joey if we could head out after my friends from The Strangeness played. We were meant to head to Future after a quick stop at Joey’s but ended up napping until 2am. The heat is exhausting!

I really want the Vans ASPCA Cats sneakers.

Nolita pizza. We usually get a Bowl of Chili with our pizza but decided to skip that one because spicy food and hot weather don’t really mix.

This guy is everything to me. ♥

Seriously, I love bougainvilleas.

Girlie cat! She went missing shortly after Sweetiebelle did but has popped up a few times in the last few weeks. She’s never been the cuddly type but now, she runs away from me. :(

Kitty figurines at Hobbes & Landes. I sort of collect animal figures but I don’t have enough space to display them properly. Also: clutter and waste of money. I’m very tempted, though!

Katsu Cafe is kind of Joey and I’s go-to Sunday late lunch place. It’s obviously not as good as Yabu or Ginza Bairin but who can complain when the tonkatsu set is only PHP215? The meat isn’t as fatty or as succulent but again: PHP215!

We hang out at Fully Booked a lot.

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  • Reply Casey May 1, 2014 at 12:37 pm

    They have DQ in the Philippines?!

    looks like you’ve been having fun :) how was the no sugar thing? any interesting results?

    • Reply Helga May 3, 2014 at 4:44 pm

      Yes, we have DQ!

      I didn’t really notice results lol I think I need to do it for more than a week!

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