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The Sunday Currently // 6

It’s May! My birth month! I don’t know why I had to say that when I don’t think birthdays are a big deal! We’re also getting closer to monsoon season aka my favorite time of the year (even though it causes hell over the metro). It’s such a simple girl thing to find comfort in a rainy day but I can’t help it.



If it isn’t obvious yet, Snooki’s A Shore Thing. Light, dumb Sunday reading.

I miss Jersey Shore so much. :(


This blog entry and then I have to start on a content analysis that’s due tomorrow. Today is the last day of my 5-day weekend and the thought of having to go back to work tomorrow makes me want to vomit.


To Pinoy Big Brother on TV.


Of planting roots elsewhere. My friend, Petra, left last Thursday to take on NYC. Joey is considering moving to Berlin for a year. I see photos of Phuket and think “hey, I’d like to work and live there.” A change of scenery would be nice; experiencing different seasons would be really, really great because fuck Philippine summers.


Crispy fried chicken for dinner. ♥


Things go back to feeling normal. It’s been a strange week and I’ve been a little more reglatic than the usual. Joey and I had a massive fight at the beach (which we thankfully resolved a few hours after waking up) and I misread his vibe last night so things were a bit funny today. Relationships are hard, you guys.


I get everything I need to do tomorrow done! Also hoping I find the perfect birthday gift for my mom on Tuesday.


My 23-year old Helga shirt. I’d take a photo but it’s ratty as fuck. It’s my favorite thing to wear at home because the fabric has thinned so much.


Spicy tuyo pasta:

Us ♥:


A fruit smoothie or halo-halo or both.


To start taking better care of myself. I drink too much, sleep too little, and I went a pack over my cigarette limit for the week. I also woke up today needing to be thin.


Positive. This week will be easy, okay!

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  • Reply Elizabeth Than May 6, 2014 at 1:37 pm

    I don’t think birthday is a big deal too, but it’s exciting to embrace that moment!

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