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Beyond The Makeup Bag: How To Look Natural With Style

6AM. Bleurgh. Is there any fate worse than having to wake up early in the morning?

With your eyes closed, you punch at the bedside cabinet until you find the snooze button on your alarm, grumble, rise and head for the mirror. “Urgh”, you mutter to yourself.

Your eyes are puffy, hair frizzier than an arid desert, face still blotchy from pressing it against the pillow and your entire body feels limp from exhaustion. So, what do you do? You hop in the shower, slap on as much makeup as humanly possible and hope you feel better tomorrow morning.

But what if there was a more effective way to look good without suffocating your body with cosmetics and product?

Here are a few tips on how you can look great, all without product.

Go natural with your wash routine

You’d be amazed at the number of toxins, lathering agents and processed gunk you’ll find in standard high street shampoos. If you’re applying these every day, you’re essentially using goods that will strip hair and skin of goodness and natural cleansing in the pores.

Instead, invest in natural shampoos and body washes that aren’t filled with toxins. By phasing out that processed, high street stuff, you’ll essentially be making your skin and hair healthier in the long run.

Make exercise the name of the game

Exercising is a struggle for us lazier types, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to gain a natural glow that leaves makeup moot. This doesn’t have to be some kind of Rocky Balboa, hyper-intense regime, either.

With a simple 15-minute jog or a few bench presses every day, you can keep your skin hydrated and fighting fit.

Make five-a-day every day

While having your five portions of fruit and veg a day has become a common idea in the public discourse, you’d be amazed at the number of people who don’t bother with it. And fewer people, according to a report from national newspaper The Guardian, understand what constitutes a single portion of your five-a-day.

Really, you’re better avoiding the nitty-gritty of the details. Instead, simply eat as much fruit and veg as you can within a healthy balanced diet.

It might seem like common sense, but very few people manage it. If you put yourself on a good food kick, you’ll end up with healthier skin, meaning you won’t feel the need to pile on that makeup.

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