In an effort to surround myself with more beautiful things, I picked up a couple of succulents from Fiesta Market last night. I’ve been wanting to start a succulent collection or a container garden for a while now but I kept putting it off because I haven’t had the time to research on how to properly care for them. Silly, considering succulents are hardy plants that require minimal attention.

If they die on me, though, I swear I’ll give up on this gardening thing. It’s bad enough that the petunias and calendulas I planted over the weekend are doomed to never sprout (planted them, like, two inches deep); if I manage to kill a couple of succulents, what’s that say about me???

I am now on the hunt of pretty pots or crockery to house Lulu and Olive in (I name my things; I am only a little sorry). Since I dove into this mostly unprepared, I also need pebbles, river stones, and sand so that I can use non-draining containers.

Do you have an indoor garden? Any tips would be appreciated!