the weekend

The Weekend

I had a relaxing and quiet weekend. I skipped out on Fete de la Musique in favor of sleep and rest and to fully recover from my neck muscle spasm (it still hurts a little, though).

-Pretty plants we saw at QC Memorial Circle. I love the contrast of colors!

-Woke up to kitty cuteness. Freakiecat has taken a liking to sitting by the window ledge every morning and just staring out. Kulasa is wondering what the hell is up.

-A photo of me taking a photo of foliage.

-The resulting photo.

-Roses! There were a few rose plants for sale at QC Memorial Circle but I am SO unprepared to start caring for them. Maybe next month!

-I like sunny days as long as I can stay home and camp out in bed.

-Freakiecat sitting beside Olive while she gets her afternoon sun.

-Liempo and tokwa’t baboy. I am so glad it was just a neck muscle spasm I had and not high-blood pressure. I CAN STILL EAT FATTY PORK!

-My new book. The everlasting daisy seeds I planted sprouted! On to phase 2: I hope the seedlings don’t die on me.

It was a pretty good weekend (except the muscle relaxant I was taking for my neck gave me 3 days of diarrhea) and I’m glad that Joey is finally back!!!

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  • Reply Carina June 25, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    I LOVE that kitty window picture. <3

  • Reply Kayla July 2, 2014 at 10:52 am

    ahh those photos are all so gorgeous. Hope your neck is feeling better! I’ve been having some minor muscle spasms and I’m freaking out that sooner or later it’ll be more serious.

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