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5 Vegetables That Will Keep Your Hair Healthy and Shiny

If your locks are looking a little lacklustre, don’t reach straight for the expensive treatments, lotions and potions that allegedly produce a miracle cure. Instead, try incorporating certain vegetables into your diet that will actively help your hair strengthen and shine – as well as keep your body running as it should!

If you are experiencing some hair loss and want a flawless cover up while your veggie-rich diet is repairing the damage, why not try a hair concealer like bioTHIK? It’s simply to apply, comes in a range of colours that match up to any hair hue and will withstand harsh weather. Everyone will be jealous of your thick head of hair!

In the meantime, here are five vegetables that will actively improve the quality of your hair.

Sweet Potato

This delicious vegetable is chock full of essential vitamins, in particular Vitamin A – which keeps your hair smooth and shiny, and prevents the dreaded dandruff! So if your scalp is looking a little flaky or dry, up your sweet potato intake for your daily dose of beta-carotene. As good an excuse as any to make some delicious sweet potato fries!


Another of the beta-carotene rich vegetable family – pumpkin will also help to reduce dryness and keep your scalp soft and supple. In addition, it will aid in stopping the intolerable itchiness that can plague those with dry scalps. You can get a healthy dose of pumpkin by making a delicious soup, guaranteed to keep those winter blues away – or roast it with your favourite baked dinner. Taking care of your hair has never been so delicious!


Popeye was definitely on to something when he publicized the benefits of eating spinach. Not only is it great for keeping your body healthy, but spinach will help keep hair strong and shiny. If you’ve been noticing some hair loss or breakages, it’s often because of a lack of iron. Spinach is absolutely packed with iron – which will help boost your levels and get your hair growth back on track. Toss it in spaghetti, throw it into a frittata or just have it in a salad – delicious!


Broccoli aids hair health in much the same way as spinach – it’s a great source of iron, a nutrient crucial to stopping hair breakage. It also has a good amount of Vitamin C, which actively strengthens hair. Another extremely versatile vegetable that tastes great in a number of different ways – steam it, roast it, toss it in a stir-fry…whatever works for you!


Whether they help you see in the dark is another question…but they definitely help hair health! Carrots contain Vitamin A which helps create the oils that keep hair strong and silky.

So if your hair is looking a little under the weather, try incorporating a few (or all!) of these vegetables more prominently into your diet if you haven’t already. Not only are they great for your overall health, but they will give you the luscious locks you’ve been dreaming of!

What are some of your favourite ways to serve these vegetables?

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