bits and pieces

Bits and Pieces

The office and rush hour traffic are two different kinds of prisons.

Morning scene, evening scene.

Freakie will always be #1 in my heart but Kulasa cat is just the friendlier of the two. I now have both of them sleeping on my bed though there are some nights when Freakie refuses to share and stays on the floor.

I wish my cats would just get along.

Helga and pizza: two of Joey’s favorite things.

After writing that, I asked him (just to make sure):

Helga: Babe, what are your two favorite things?
Joey: Pizza and Helga. Pizza first. Because Helga is not a thing.

Knew it.

My favorite boy in my favorite corner.

TGIF. It’s always extra tiring when I don’t get enough shut-eye on Sunday night because I never get the opportunity to catch up during the week. I’m looking forward to clocking in about 20 hours of sleep this weekend.

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