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What Treatment Options Do I Have for Skin Problems Besides Lasers?

What Treatment Options Do I Have for Skin Problems Besides Lasers? |

When it comes to anti-aging treatments, the one you probably hear about the most, aside from facelift surgery, is laser treatment. But you might be wondering what other options you have for treating your skin problems. Well, you should definitely identify all of those options before you proceed with treatment.

Treatments to Try Before Laser Skincare Therapy

Do you feel that your skin problems are annoying, but not bad enough to resort to laser treatment? If so, there are plenty of more mild therapies you can try. For example, you could ask your dermatologist for a medicated lotion or cream that you can apply to your skin at home. Many of those formulas are good at treating minor wrinkles and blemishes. Some of them can also help to prevent those problems from occurring in the first place. The only downside is that you will have to remember to apply them daily as directed on an ongoing basis.

Another mild option you have is sound wave therapy, which utilizes particular types of sound waves to agitate your skin cells and convince your body to start repairing itself. Repeated sound wave therapies can increase your body’s natural levels of healthy proteins, especially elastin and collagen. That, in turn, will strengthen and tighten your skin.

Stronger Therapies, Including Lasers, May be Required

Of course, you shouldn’t totally rule out laser therapy especially if you simply think that you don’t qualify for a certain type of laser treatment. There are many cosmetic lasers on the market today. Years ago you may not have qualified, especially if your skin was dark. However, some of today’s modern lasers can treat darker skin tones with ease. You just need to find the right type for you.

If lasers don’t appeal to you, you could always try Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL), which is not the same as a laser. IPL produces light pulses that work in a similar way to sound waves, stimulating your skin on the inside without having a major immediate impact on the outside. While IPL devices don’t always produce the same obvious, immediate results you might get from some lasers, continued treatments can definitely improve your skin health.

Other Strong Skincare Methods to Try

If you feel like your skin problems can’t be treated by any of those, you don’t need to skip straight to surgery. You could try Botox injections. Another option is to have microdermabrasion or make an appointment to have a chemical peel done. Either of those treatments will get rid of your outer skin layer, and hopefully reveal healthier skin cells below.

Your Final Decision Should Factor in Everything

When you’re ready to make a final decision about your skincare needs, be sure to factor in everything. Know what condition or conditions you need to treat. Think about the long-term treatment requirements, examine your budget, and most importantly choose a treatment that is meant for your skin pigment and skin type. But whatever you do never give up on skincare. Talk to an expert and you’ll soon find a way to reclaim your healthy appearance.

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