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Trying Out Flyweight Boutique Boxing

Flyweight PH Boutqieu Boxing Stuido |

I’ve got this whole fitness thing pretty much figured out: I go indoor rowing and cycling at Saddle Row (review soon) during the week and I lift weights at Fitness First on weekends. It’s an effective routine for me and the 20 pounds I lost over the course of 3-4 months from cycling and rowing proves that.

I’m always on the lookout to try something new and make fitness more fun, though! Last week, my co-worker who goes boxing regularly asked me if I was interested in trying out Flyweight. I’ve never heard of boutique boxing before and I had hesitations but we were given a free trial class upon signing up and who am I to say no to that?!

Flyweight? Boutique boxing?!

The best way I can describe Flyweight is that it’s the indoor cycling of boxing. You book a bag (instead of a bike or a rower), show up for class, and follow the instructor’s program.

I’ve never taken a single boxing class before so I was a little worried about the moves but I figured those Billy Blanks Tae Bo videos I used to work out to would do. I was right lol.

The studio

Flyweight has two studios: Bas, which has 21 heavy bags and Mez, the smaller room with 8 bags. Our class was at Bas and like indoor cycling studios, the place was dimly lit to give that fun, nightclub atmosphere. There is enough space in between bags so you don’t have to worry about getting in someone’s way (unless the person behind you is a strong puncher or something). The floor can get dirty, though, so make sure to grab a mat when it’s time to cool down with floor work.

The workout

Each instructor has their own teaching style and program and we took the 815PM Monday class led by Pio (who also teaches rowing at Saddle Row). The 45-minute class started with the usual warm-up: jumping jacks, squats, squat pulses etc. I do a lot of cardio and conditioning but I’m a smoker so I will always struggle. Less than five minutes into it and I was already short of breath. My heart rate was up and I had worked up a good sweat. I kind of wanted to die.

Pio demonstrates the different boxing moves (jab, cross, hook, uppercut) in the beginning and throughout the class. If he sees that you’re a little confused, he’ll go up to your bag and show you how to do it. In between boxing work, you do different exercises like squats, squat jumps, regular and reverse lunges, planks, pike push ups, mountain climbers, and burpees with upbeat music playing in the background. You just need to find your groove and place in the music. It was intense and kind of nuts. I didn’t even realize the 45 minutes was up until Pio made us do squat pulses and told us we were about to take on our last round.

Like all group classes, you can work at your own pace and slow down or push yourself as needed. You know your body best, after all.

My only issue with boutique boxing is that as a beginner, I struggle with proper form which may cause injuries. I knew I always had to make a fist while punching but I would sometimes punch downwards. Today, my right wrist is a little strained.

You can check Flyweight’s rates on their website. It’s more expensive than indoor rowing and cycling but they have a first-timer’s promo to help you figure out if it’s the workout for you. I’ll probably go back to take their Boxing 101 class just so I can learn how to throw punches the proper way and avoid another strained wrist lol.

Some notes:
— Flyweight provides wraps and gloves but you can also bring your own. Someone can help you wrap your hands if you don’t know how to. The gloves are a little smelly.

— Hydrate well before and after. Since you’re wearing boxing gloves, it’s nearly impossible to take quick water breaks. You won’t even be able to grab your towel to wipe off your sweat!

— Arrive at the studio with enough time to have your hands wrapped.

Flyweight is located at
2F Eight Forbestown Road,
Bonifacio Global City

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  • Reply Koji Arsua October 26, 2016 at 9:48 am

    So happy that you figured your fitness regimen out! I’m still trying to develop a system :)

  • Reply Jamie October 28, 2016 at 11:45 pm

    Boutique boxing sounds so interesting! I really want to try boxing because it helps you lose so much weight but I need to hire an instructor at the gym to do so (Plus 5k each month huhu). I can just do punching with heavy bags but then I might do it wrong. :( I’m also somehow getting used to my routine. I ran three kilometres and then either do Nike Training Club exercises or apply the circuit training lessons that we were taught in a class. Lately though I’ve been trying to do more weights because research says (HAHAHAH WOW) you need more muscles to lose more fat.

    Also, this “Like all group classes, you can work at your own pace and slow down or push yourself as needed. You know your body best, after all,” is so true! The first time I did cycling I kept glancing at the person in front of me and ended up almost falling because I got so into his speed and somehow my body adjusted to what I was seeing. Lol. Never again!!!

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