On My Radar: Brother Home Sewing Machines

There are two things I wish I could do more of in life: the first is sleep (of course) and the second is home crafts.

People are always surprised when they find out I knit, crochet, and cross stitch because I don’t look it. But back when I had more time to do the things that I liked, I spent many afternoons in front of my laptop, my fingers getting sore from my hooks or needles as I wrestled with a pattern while unsuccessfully trying to keep Freakiecat from eating the yarn.

I was planning on learning how to sew next. I wanted redemption (I failed by high school junior year home ec finals because I couldn’t figure out those old sewing machines) and I wanted to make my own bedsheets and pillow cases. Those things are expensive! Plus, a lot of the cute DIYs I wanted to take on needed some sewing and I didn’t even know how to mend a hole. Unfortunately, I had to go back to working in an office and all my hobbies took a backseat.

These days, I watch a lot of sewing tutorials on Youtube (WithWendy is my fave!) and since I’m now the kind of person that doesn’t get invited to weekend parties anymore, I’ve been thinking of spending my free time learning the craft. Fortunately, Brother starter sewing machines are reasonably priced and take up so little space. Nothing those old bulky pedalled ones!

Brother also has a promo running until the end of March where you get a free sewing kit worth PHP1300 for every purchase of any of these three models:

Things I would make if I had a Brother Home Sewing Machine at my side:

1. Lacy bralettes

2. Costumes for my cats

3. Bedsheets

4. Drawstring backpacks (so trendy~)

For more info, like BROTHERS on Facebook.

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