Helga Weber

Hello! I’m Helga Weber, an advertising creative who grew up on late 90s MTV and teen dramas. Everything I know in life, I learned from Dawson’s Creek and Veronica Mars.

I like faffing around in bed, cold weather, Just Dance, Animal Crossing, The Sims, taking selfies to annoy Joey, fawning over my cute face to annoy Joey, making fun of Joey, and sashimi. I live somewhere between I want it and I’ve got it with my three spoiled cats: Little Miss Freakie, Princess Kulasa, and Carlycat.

I first started blogging on gURLpages in 1998 and Ditz Revolution has been around since 2006. I have long outgrown the name and its original purpose but I’m holding on because I can’t be bothered to deal with starting fresh. Here is where I continue to chronicle my life.

Contact Me:
email – helga [at] helgaweber.com