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March Font Crushes


I’m starting a monthly round-up of my current favorite fonts! Right now, I’m big on handmade brush fonts and I chalk it up to my complete lack of talent in calligraphy and lettering (it’s not like I’ve tried to learn, but I just know it’s going to be pointless or take too much time).

Hopefully, we’ll help each other discover new fonts with each round-up!

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Fresh New Face



I figured it was high time to get rid of my old theme (Striking, un-responsive) and put together something more… 2015 (though the watercolor bouquet in the header bothers me a little because it’s so 2014 wedding invitation).

I’ll also be undergoing a long overdue blog overhaul. Can you believe Ditz Revolution has been around since 2006?! I’m reluctant to delete old entries because I like how I can easily access a good chunk of the last nine years, but I’m definitely going to privatize a bunch of crap that I find irrelevant. I was going through my drafts the other day and saw I had stuff typed up from 2008 that I never got around to publishing! That turned out to be a good thing because they were supes embarrassing.

It still needs a lot of tweaking and fixing, which I’ll get to this weekend. I can’t wait to breathe new life into this dumb old blog!


I was on Tin‘s blog today and thought “Wow, I really hate how this looks.” I can say that and not offend Tin, since I was the one who last tweaked her template anyway.

Bored, miserable, and trying to keep my mind off these Mrs. Fields gift baskets (the sugar cravings have been off the hook lately), I sent her an IM asking if I could change her blog’s look. Two hours later, I had this:

Clean, simple, yummy colors, and my current favorite font (Bebas Neue). I couldn’t get Cufon for Blogger/Blogspot to work, but I might give it another go one of these days (Google Font library and Kernest don’t have Bebas Neue). Eventually, I would like to come up with a logo of sorts for her blog, something that will constantly be there with every face change. I need one of those for this blog, too, actually. Perhaps mine could be a cat with an ampersand.

The perks of having a web designer (who needs to work on her portfolio) for a friend!

New Year, New Look

I made some changes to my blog.

NOTHING CRAZY, really. Just a fresh header, color scheme, and some minor tweaks to the sidebar. I’m still not done (I still have a few changes to make) but I decided to go ahead and launch it since my blog has been on maintenance mode for far too long now.

Fonts used are Bell MT, Men In Black Credits (header), and Nevis (post entry titles). My boyfriend HATES the deer antlers the letter R has but that’s because he hates animals and should be punished with twenty pet cats.

What do you think? Like it/hate it/don’t care about it?

Edit: Ugh, I hate the WP Sifr plugin that I’m using. It converts the text to Flash instead of an image. I might look into that and change it.

Edit x2: Switched to WP-Cufon!


Not really illustrations but more like crap I whipped up in ten minutes with the pen tool and some patterns. I’ve posted the bird on Plurk (Fritz insists it’s a paru-parong ningning) and nicely enough, people have told me they find it cute. I’m hoping to incorporate these into a potential template for work (the idea is a scrapbook-y theme, except I suck when it comes to texturing and creating depth). We’ll see.

My creativity is at an all-time low. I can’t even make a decent blog entry.

bird illustration

cupcake illustration

fire pits

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