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    March Font Crushes

    I’m starting a monthly round-up of my current favorite fonts! Right now, I’m big on handmade brush fonts and I chalk it up to my complete lack of talent in calligraphy and…

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    I was on Tin‘s blog today and thought “Wow, I really hate how this looks.” I can say that and not offend Tin, since I was the one who last tweaked her…

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    Font Love: Bebas Neue

    Today, I decided to get started on my portfolio and failed. Truthfully, I started feeling sorry for myself and got sidetracked looking for scanner software. Anyway, I was looking for a free…

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    New Year, New Look

    I made some changes to my blog. NOTHING CRAZY, really. Just a fresh header, color scheme, and some minor tweaks to the sidebar. I’m still not done (I still have a few…