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Food Diary: What I Ate Wednesdays // 11

I’m bringing back What I Ate Wednesdays! I’ve always enjoyed documenting my meals via WIAW and I don’t know why I stopped. Most people probably won’t/don’t care, but I do and that’s all that matters!


Salted almonds and seedless grapes. I never have time to eat in the mornings before leaving for work so I usually just grab whatever’s at home and wait until I get to the office to have breakfast. I actually end up having brunch most days.

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Take a Break: KIT KAT Agents of the Break Movement

As an advertising creative (gross, how pretentious do I sound), taking breaks is important. Sometimes, your brain just refuses to work and even the threat of a deadline isn’t enough fuel to get shit done.

When this happens, I free myself from the shackles of my work laptop and take a break. Taking a few minutes to zone out is nice, but I prefer…

Looking at cat pictures.

(This is Kulasa, Little Miss Freakie’s younger sister.)

KIT KAT Agents of the Break Movement

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Food Diary: Diet Diva

I’m back to dieting! I’m doing it primarily because I’ve been feeling like shit and I’m tired of it. A bit of weight loss would be a great side effect, though!

(Let’s pretend that bag of Cheetos I wolfed down while writing this entry never happened.)

Because I never have time to meal plan and prepare food in the mornings, I’m doing the rounds of diet delivery services. For week 1, I turned to an old favorite: Diet Diva!

This was last week’s Diet Diva menu (PHP 1800-2000 a week, depending on your location):

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Food Diary: What I Ate Wednesdays Featuring Diet Diva PH // 10

The unthinkable has happened: the word diet (or the battlecry “di nako magra-rice kahit kailan!!!”) is no longer part of my daily vocabulary.

It is the most liberating thing I have ever felt… ever!!!

To eat all the rice I want.
To eat an occasional bag of potato chips and not internally berate myself for it.
To go nuts with beer and not wail about my fratman’s gut for the next few days.
To re-consider stopping by McDonald’s on my way to the office not because it’s fattening, but because it’s shit food.
To have dessert.
Etc etc.

It’s really great. I’ve gained some weight but I am oddly more comfortable with my body now. I think I just stopped caring! Someone’s always going to be fatter than I am anyway.

I still have terrible eating habits, though. Skipping meals, eating junk— that sort of thing.

Good thing my buddy, Tin, gave me the gift of Diet Diva! Free food! Meals delivered to me every morning! No reason not to eat! Rice! For one whole week!

This time around, I did Diet Diva just so I could eat like a healthy, normal person.

Here are the things the good folks at Diet Diva put in my tummy last week:

Day 1

Diet Diva

Breakfast: Wheat ensaymada with hot chocolate
Lunch: Beef casserole with red mountain rice
Dinner: Chicken adobo flakes with hard-boiled egg and brown rice
Snack: Vegetable crackers

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Food Diary: Hong Kong

Sat down with some friends for afternoon tea!

I was in Hong Kong for five days last week and I honestly thought I would get super fat but Ysa and I realized two days into the trip that we weren’t really pigging out! We didn’t really snack and we only ate two meals a day, at the most. Crazy!

Of course, that did not mean that we ate clean…

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