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My Cat Sugar Skull Tattoo

My reason for getting a cat sugar skull tattoo is pretty simple: I’ve had a lot of kitties die on me this year. Our Girlie and Kulasa cats both had a litter each— a total of nine kitties plus the occasional strays that find their way to our home. Save for two who mysteriously disappeared (I hope someone found them irresistibly adorable and adopted them), only one survived. I miss each one of them every day.

Sugar skulls are used to decorate the ofrendas (offerings) on Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, the Mexican holiday to celebrate and enjoy the memories of the deceased. Trendy as they are, I find sugar skulls to be extremely pretty. When I came across this cat sugar skull cross stitch pattern on Etsy a few months ago, I was smitten by the idea and knew that I would eventually get one tattooed on me.

WARNING: Contains a pic of a weeping wound/blood/blood plasma.

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New Tattoo: Saudade

If you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr, you probably know I got a new tattoo (my third) last Friday. I’ve been anxious to post photos except I injured my back that same night and have been stuck at home, unable to move properly, since Saturday morning. I am terribly bored and have sort of quit smoking (so I’ve been looking browsing the internets for the best electronic cigarette starter kit).

It sucks.

(If you must know how in the world I got myself in this lulzy situation: I fell off a chair and landed smack on my back. I must have tried to break the fall with my left arm because I ended up with a swollen left palm and scratches on my elbow. I had to to go to the hospital to get some x-rays done and my friend, Erwin, had to push me around in a wheelchair. It’s that bad. I haven’t even been able to go back for my x-ray results seeing that walking hurts.)

It’s really no fun and I am hoping this injury isn’t permanent.

Anyway, here are photos of my new tattoo. A warning: my skin doesn’t look nice. I couldn’t find my bottle of fragrance-free lotion so my skin is extra dry (I also haven’t been able to shave my legs because I can’t bend forward yet). I use Drapolene (diaper rash cream) to ease the itchiness and it does wonders.

Saudade tattoo

BLOODY! This was really painful. I’m not sure if it was because the tattoo artist had a heavy hand but I was told that calf tattoos really do hurt, even more than shin tattoos? Thanks to Chui for this photo.

New Tattoo: Saudade.