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Find of the Week: My Dressing Room

Oh my lucky stars! While frantically searching online for a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding, my search keywords led me to this gem of a store— My Dressing Room!

MDR basically offers a handful of basic dress styles that you can customize according to your preferred color, size, and length. It’s perfect if you just need something simple and can’t be bothered to buy your own cloth and scout for a seamstress! Seriously, where was My Dressing Room when I needed a dress for Klassy’s wedding early this year?!

After browsing the styles offered, I settled on a square-neck pleated dress and a scoop-neck swing tank dress.

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Zac Efron Penshoppe Fan Conference

“Helga? You are the last person I expect to see here!”Jonver, when he saw me lining up… to line up.

I love Zac Efron. I try not to emotionally and financially invest myself in (male) celebrities because I don’t think I can handle another Hanson in my life, but I have two exceptions: Liam Hemsworth, because he’s engaged to Miley Cyrus; and Zac Efron, because HAVE YOU SEEN THE GUY? Is he not the cream to your coffee???

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SM Kids and PAWS: “Meow!” And “Woof!” Mean “All We Need Is Love”

JusTees-PAWS shirt, SM Department Store belt, Cotton On skirt

Do you remember your first love? Mine was not a human boy (or 14-year old Taylor Hanson as I like to say) but a white, four-legged bundle of cute named Botorot. I remember this one time he went missing and I stayed up late, worried sick and writing “Come home, boy” over and over again; he eventually did. Botorot was one of our many childhood pets, all of whom are in doggie heaven now. Frankly, I cannot imagine growing up without a critter by your side.

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