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…is how I’ve been feeling these days. Like I’ve lost my muchness. Perhaps growing up and maturing (and I use the term “maturing” loosely) are to blame but I can’t stand to think or accept that maybe, I’ve lost my spark, too. Or— if I even had a spark at all*! Excuse me while I dive into a neurotic rant in the next (few) paragraphs:

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Lace, Florals, and Polka Dots

I am having a horrible day and I want nothing more than to shut off my work computer, pack my stuff, grab a Garden Burger, and then head to Moonleaf Tea for some comfort, well, tea. I’m still off processed sugar (though I gave in and had Bread Talk last Friday night) but for Moonleaf, I will make an exception!

Here are repetitive photos of today’s outfit. I’m getting off my blog now because I might not be able to keep my misery to myself lol. If I had a wii guitar, it would be smashed to pieces right now. To top off this stressful day, I still have to pass by Watson’s to return something I bought yesterday. They better replace it!

Can you guess what I was playing on my phone?

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“Visit My Blog, I’m Cute!”

Yesterday, The Wake Up Show invited Nuffnang to guest on their show and since I’m Nuffnang Philippines’s blogger of the month, they asked me to tag along with Trixie (has anyone seen the Temptation Island remake? She’s there.)! Fun fact!: The last time I was on radio was in 2004, when friends and I hijacked a local radio station’s phone interview with Taylor Hanson. We each got to ask him one question!

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(A Few) Snaps From Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

I am indifferent towards Michael Bay’s Transformers (though I do love the Transformers themselves)— I barely remember the first and I skipped the second. Honestly, there’s something about Shia LaBeouf that not even big robots decking it out for galaxy domination or something, can compensate for. But when I got an invite for Nuffnang and PLDT MyDSL’s screening of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, I thought: “Why not~?”

Me and mah boi, Bumblebee ♥♥♥

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