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5 “Bad Habits” I’ve Left Behind

I had a very shallow epiphany last Saturday night: I was sitting in the shadows at TxF, hoping no one would bother me because I just wanted to drink in silence. I opened a fresh pack of cigarettes and realized that I no longer smacked the pack upside down to, well, pack the tobacco— a habit I’ve had since I bought my very first pack of cigarettes over a decade ago. Friends and I even had dumb packing contests!

(I know, I know: smoking is The One Bad Habit I should leave behind. I eventually will.)

It’s silly, but I felt a little more grown-up realizing I had left behind a habit of my youth. This led me to think of other “bad habits” that I’ve dumped.

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Love Always, Freakie

Am I done with blogging? Who knows. But I’m on Tinyletter, which is like friends-locked blogging, just like we all used to do on Livejournal. In there, I can talk freely about things!

I sent out my first email today (and wouldn’t shut up about it online because I need validation etc) where I talked about how girls are disgusting (we really are). Do you have Tinyletter? Leave a link so I can subscribe!

Instagram Clean-Up

I recently decided to clean up my Instagram account. From over 2500 photos spanning more than 3 years, I am down to 890. Deleting most of those photos were surprisingly easy, considering a good chunk were (mirror selfies) taken with an iPhone 3G run through ugly filters (Earlybird, Nashville, Brannan etc anyone?). How embarrassing.

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