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    Weekend Vlog #1 is Up!

    I finally got my first vlog episode up! Editing videos is a skill I’ve always wanted to learn and honestly, I wish I had given it a shot ages ago because it…

  • behind the scenes

    Life Lately

    So much for being back. I can’t believe I let August fly by without updating this space at least once. I still have one more Bali blog post to put together but…

  • Hello, Old Friend |
    behind the scenes

    Hello, Old Friend

    My big comeback was supposed to be about my Bali trip but it’s taking a bit longer to put that one together. How do I recover from my unexplained long absence? I…

  • October Favorites |
    behind the scenes

    October Favorites

    Hello from Hong Kong! Joey and I are here for 6 days (we flew in Wednesday) just for a change of scenery. We’re not 100% on holiday because we’re still working but…

  • September Favorites |
    behind the scenes

    September Favorites

    Today, I’m joining Raisa and Eirene‘s monthly link-up called My Favorite Things. I know it’s October, but it’s only the first week and it’s too early to tell this month’s faves (like,…