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June Bugs, Etc

Right meow~

I almost forgot I had this monthly thing I “swore” to do! I haven’t been in the mood for anything these days, especially after that four-day weekend I just had. You see, I took last Friday off from work so I could dedicate an entire day to getting ready for… the Miley Cyrus concert. I was probably the oldest female in our section, not counting the mothers and their adorable baby childs (now normally, I dislike children but any Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus fan is a friend of mine).

Anyway, I pretty much spent Saturday to Monday in bed (the weather was fantastically cooperative, too!), with my iphone 3gs (minus the “s”, in reality), e-books, and movies and I had to drag my feet to work come Tuesday. I’m feeling a little peppier today and figured I might as well update this thing with stuff I’m into right meow.

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Hello, May, My Birth Month

I turn a year older in less than three weeks and because I am not at peace with my position/situation in life, I am legitimately dreading it. I was having a very non-comforting conversation with my boyfriend about this today; I wailed to him (as much as one can wail over the internet)— what am I going to do with my over-the-hill self? He replied with “you’re gonna look back and be embarrassed at your younger self.”

But why can’t I have this wisdom, knowledge, etc and still be, I don’t know, 23?

(It’s okay, Helga, you don’t act your age anyway. Whether that’s a good thing or not is up for discussion. I’m just glad I don’t have to deal with things like adult acne.)

Anyway, instead of getting all sad and nancy (okay, that was terrible) on the internet/this blog/this life, I’ll just put together a list of what I’m currently doing or am into this month. This would probably be an appropriate Things I Love Thursday (TILT) entry but I am TERRIBLE at keeping up with that. Mondays and Tuesdays, I usually put together a list of things that make my little kitten heart go BABUMP BABUMP and then totally forget to write the entry and only remember it when it’s already Friday.

I need to work on that.

Back to this list— I’ll even give it a pretentious name, like… “du mois.” Yes, I totally checked Google Translate for that.

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