Q: Where do you work?
A: A digital advertising agency.

Q: Where do you live?
A: Quezon City, Philippines

Q: What’s your camera?
A: An iPhone 5C.

Q: Where did you get your tattoos done?
A: 55 Tinta at Maginhawa Street in Teacher’s Village (the building where Tomato Kick is).


Q: How often do you bleach your hair?
A: Once a month.

Q: What brand/s of hair dye do you use?
A: For natural shades, I use Kolours, Revlon, HBC, or Hortaleza (Revlon has the best after-color conditioner, HBC has the best bleach and has a wide selection of colors, and Hortaleza Vaciador stores carry colors you can’t find from the first three brands).

For unnatural shades, Special Effects and Crazy Color.

Q: Where do you buy your Special Effects dyes?
A: Ebay (userid: fatalimpact) or I buy several bottles at a time to save on shipping.

A: It depends. I am not a professional and the info I have can easily be found on google but if you’re lazy and want me to lay it out for you in paragraphs peppered with lots of “lol” and “lmfaooooo”, feel free to shoot me an email (helga at I try to respond when I can.

Q: I BLEACHED MY HAIR AND NOW IT’S ORANGE! How do I get it a nice, pearly blonde?
A: Depending on your hair, it will take a couple of bleaches before your hair is pale enough to tone. Mine took about 3 or 4 bleaches. You’re going to need to space them a month in between or else you’ll end up having to chop off your hair like I did.

Q: How do you keep your hair “healthy” with all the bleaching?
A: Joico K Pak Deep Reconstructor is all you need in life.