Latest Thrift Buys

Went thrifting last Sunday and came home with four tops, a funny knitted pullover (it has a silver “Hepburn” patch on front), a pair of flats, and the best cardigan thing in the whole wide world!

Quick snap of everything:

ukay ukay

Flats; cloth lining, rubber sole. I’m not squeamish when it comes to buying used footwear (but I rarely do; I think the last time I bought shoes from ukay was… eight years ago?) so long as I can wash it like I do clothes. For this pair: washed and scrubbed with detergent and an old toothbrush, air dried out in my balcony (boyfriend told me to keep it away from the sun), and then sprayed with Lysol. I must remember to buy insoles.

ukay ukay

THE BEST CARDIGAN THING IN THE WORLD! Boyfriend HATES it but I adore it; it’s one of my favorite things in my wardrobe now. At first, I thought they were sequined ducks but they look more like swans now. Boyfriend thinks they could be swans with long legs, cranes, ostriches, or emus. I feel like a grandmother AND I LOVE IT.

ukay ukay

I usually go to the ukay store in the Anonas LRT2 station (I pass by this place everyday on my way to work but I still don’t know the name). I was a little miffed that they miscalculated my purchases and overcharged me but it’s all right. I spent a little less than what I would on a pair of brand new wedges or the equivalent of 36 packs of Marlboro Reds bought from my neighborhood grocery.

Ew, I should quit smoking soon.

Hopez and Dreamz: June

Like my list of categories isn’t random and unorganized enough (one of these days, I will do something about them), here I am creating a new one. This has potential to make sense, though, so I’m not very worried about adding to the clutter.

This June, I hope to lose weight/get into shape/stay fit. It’s ridiculous how much my midsection disgusts me and I am not being cute when I say that. I snapped a couple of photos this morning but I’m going to keep those to myself until I have acceptable “after” photos of my tummy. My metabolism isn’t the same anymore (plus all those years of guzzling down beer is catching up on me) so I have to be really careful. I’ve been working out daily for… well, the last two nights which isn’t a feat of any sort but it’s a start.

My goal for this month is to get back to 110 pounds. I weighed myself mid-May and was sad to see that I was 117 pounds. I vowed to lose those 7 pounds but I got lazy and had too much fun with beer and food. My weight today? Still 117.

I’ve also been reading up on how to boost my metabolism. Most of it are things I already know (yet don’t do) like eat breakfast, eat several small meals throughout the day etc etc. The fun ways to boost my metabolism: drink more green tea (except I don’t like regular green tea because it’s bitter and the flavored green tea brands in the market are sugar bombs) and eat more yogurt.

I also hope to eat a little healthily this month. This is going to be tough considering I am totally jonesing for McDonald’s (I blame the intern who had McD’s in the pantry a coupla hours ago) and some cake right now. I’m definitely not going to deprive myself of the “bad” stuff but I will TRY. Maybe I should start taking vitamin supplements, too? Anyway, I had steamed chicken breasts (that turned out to be delicious!) on red rice for lunch today so that’s a start (yay, me! Two starts!).

Just those two little goals for June. Other things I am looking forward to this month:
1) getting my second tattoo (tomorrow!)
2) Hanson’s fifth studio album, Shout It Out (June 8th)
3) getting paid (well, duh)
4) Eclipse!

A random photo to add ~life~ to his blog entry:

Helga Weber

Wish me luck!

Things I Love About the Rainy Season

Judging by the last few rainy days, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the tortuously hot El Niño months are finally behind us (and by us, I mean the Philippines). It’s La Niña this year, though, (according to PAGASA) and while never ending rainy days generally suck, I’m just (selfishly) happy that it’s cold enough again to cover myself in a blanket while I sleep.

Anyway, a list of things I love about this weather:

1) Bad weather is bed weather. Getting out of my bed/getting off my mattress has been a challenge this past few days making me start my mornings really really late. It’s all right, though, because without the heat to make me hate everything and everyone, I go about my morning routine faster. Plus, the cold has me in a good mood!

2) It’s cold enough for boots. And to “celebrate” this, guess who got a pair of new boots? This guy.

I hope to get them on Friday or Monday. I’ll still need a pair of rain boots, though. I’ll need to hit up the hardware store one of these days for plain black ones.

3). The rain gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. I can’t explain it but the rain makes me really happy and giddy. Perhaps it’s because I can be a lazy kitty who equates rainy days = bed days.

4) Perfect weather for hot soup, hot coffee, cuddling, and hugging. <3

5) I can wear warm clothes again. Most of my wardrobe consists of long-sleeved tops and jackets. I can finally bring them out of their temporary retirement!

What about you guys? What do you love about this kind of weather?

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