I Love Wacoal Sorci Age!


Lingerie/underwear is my favorite kind of clothing but it’s also the second thing I hate shopping for the most (jeans being the first). Like jeans, it is so hard to find the perfect fit; and once you do find that pair that fits you like a glove… sorta, it’s only a matter of washes and wears before it stretches and well, no longer fits and flatters your body.

I am ashamed to admit that in the past, I have willingly sacrificed fit, comfort, and form for aesthetics. It might seem a little silly since they’re undergarments but pretty underwear is a must and wearing a cute pair never fails to make me feel lovely. I’ll buy anything that catches my eye— I love everything lacy or anything with ruffles but I also have a preference for classy floral patterns and playful ones like polka dots and animal prints. I only have one rule when it comes to underwear: no boring whites allowed. It reminds me too much of the very stark and practical training bras and 5-pack panties I used to wear when I was younger!

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Eat Polvoron, Dress Like Polvoron


I don’t know where my days go. It’s Friday and I’m sitting here, thinking of the week that was, and nothing stands out; nothing sticks to me save for the exhaustion I feel when I wake up every morning at 930am (I’m back to my old ways, being really bad at this waking up early thing). I really do not know what I do with my time and it just feels so unsatisfying, this daily grind.

Oh oh oh: my bedroom mirror broke (the one I’ve had since I was in high school… so it’s at least a decade old) Tuesday morning. Exciting times.

Yesterday, I ate ten milk polvorons in one sitting.


Weekend Accessories Haul

I had a pretty busy long weekend but laziness reared its ugly head in and I didn’t take any (interesting) photos. As usual, Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday drunkies so I was really glad Monday was a holiday because I had a list of things I needed to do.

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I Like Lola Clothes


Today is a happy day! I’ve been feeling miserable lately, mostly due to the rain (it makes me ronery!) and the fact that I haven’t worked out in over a week (lacking endorphins, yo). Fortunately, the shoes I ordered from Lovely Shoes last week and the La Riche Directions semi-permanent hair dye I bought off ebay ~2 weeks ago both arrived today! I have yet to open the box from Lovely Shoes so I’m not sure if they are worth the $52 I spent, heh (I’m cheap, OKAY).

Meanwhile, I googled La Riche Directions reviews and I’m a bit disappointed to learn that these fade quickly! Two or three washes and they’re gone! This is alarming because I wash my hair everyday so I guess I’ll have to forgo shampoo for a bit. I’ve been meaning to give No Poo a try, anyway (unnecessary, since I use organic shampoo from HHN but I wanna give it a shot. Still waiting for my shampoo for thinning hair for women). Still— talk about buyer’s remorse; I really should learn to google BEFORE purchasing. I should have gone with Manic Panic (roughly around the same price range) or Special Effects.

Oh well, charge it to experience.

Today’s outfit:

Thrifted crop top I’ve had for FOREVER but never got around to wearing ’til today (the buttons are heart-shaped <3), black lace skirt from ebay, boots from ebay. I have a love-hate thing for this cropped top: I like that it looks like something my grandmother would wear but I hate that the collar won’t sit still. I got it for fifty pesos so I’m not really complaining.

Meanwhile, I am starting to dislike these boots.

Two more photos.