“Your Photos Are Eco-Friendly”

“Haha your photos are so eco-friendly, apparently,” said my boss. Maybe because I’m always (or used to be, heh) almost naked. This is the second time my photos have appeared in Southeast Asia Globe magazine. To be quite honest, I haven’t read the article (text is too small, don’t wanna strain my eyes) and I don’t know how my photos come into play but seeing these scans make me feel really giddy. Hee.

Southeast Asia Globe magazine Helga Weber

View it large(r) here.

Thanks to Poell for the FYI and the scans!

And before anyone asks: no, I did not get paid for it (though it would be nice to have extra cash for anti aging face face creams seeing that my dad has been calling me old-looking in my Facebook photos. I digress). People are free to use photos found in my Flickr stream as long as they credit me and don’t turn me into a unicorn or add sparkles. Though if you do want to turn me into a unicorn and add sparkles, contact me, I’ll probably say yes. I love sparkles.

Bangs, Etc

I trimmed my bangs for the second time this week, last night. Someone needs to confiscate my trimming scissors.

My trimming scissors are probably one of the most useful and necessary buys of my life. Like acne pills. Last night, I decided to see if I could do a decent fringe on myself (as opposed to side bangs). I think I did an okay job:

Though they’re a bit long because they hit my eyes. I guess I’ll be trimming my bangs again tonight :D Or maybe not. My layers are at an awkward length and I told myself I’d grow my hair out the first half of this year. As a result, I’ve been wearing my hair in messy buns or messy ponytails. Coupled with a full fringe, it highlights my chubby Asian cheeks. And for some reason, it makes my nose look… pudgier.

Perhaps it’s all in my head. I hope so.

A Few Things Filipinos Should Stop or Start Doing

I’ve had enough experience to say very very surely that Filipinos, in general, are annoying people. Sometimes, annoying and bordering on ridiculously stupid. Over at The Man Blog, we have an ongoing discussion about what we think or believe Filipinos should stop or start doing. I compiled my favorite replies (aka the ones I agree with the most as I agree with everything in there) into a list (because I love lists! And accutane reviews!) and here it is:

Filipinos need to stop borrowing money they cannot afford to pay back just to feed their neighbors during fiestas or to throw a grand celebration for a kid’s birthday. Spending, cooking, and feeding your neighbors is so unnecessary and birthdays happen every year. If you don’t have the money for it, don’t dig yourself a deeper hole by borrowing from someone.

Filipinos need to stop burning trash and leaves. You guys also need to stop spitting and throwing your trash anywhere and everywhere.

Filipinos need to stop believing that religion will save them from sickness and poverty. I’m an atheist so I’ll throw in a “Filipinos need to stop thinking that praying/prayer accomplishes anything.”

Filipinos need to start replacing plastic bags with paper or cloth bags. (You want to know why my office file cabinet is full of plastic bags? Because I can’t stand to throw them away and I figure I’ll be able find a way later to re-use them ’til they tear. If these were paper bags, I’d just go “LOL, see you later, future soil.”)

Filipinos need to stop being so damn sensitive so we could stop being the (more than) occasional international laughingstock. I am looking at you, Bong Revilla. There’s a reason people poke fun at us as a race and misplaced Filipino pride and baring our teeth at stupid things only makes us a bigger joke.

Filipinos need to start learning to hold their pee in until they find a proper toilet.

Filipinos need to start crossing at the proper pedestrian lanes and bridges. On this note, Filipinos need to start following all rules, even the simplest ones like where to park, where to cross, where to exit etc etc.

Join the forums to read more!

What about you guys, what’s in your list?

Watch Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, and JoJo in the Changing Lives Concert For Free!

Hey guys, my friends over at Blogbank have given me two pairs of Bronze tickets for the Changing Lives concert on Saturday, March 27, 2010 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds to raffle off. See Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, and Jojo perform in one night!

Changing Lives Concert Justin Timberlake Timbaland Jojo

To join the raffle, simply leave a comment on this entry with a valid email address with your favorite Justin/Jojo/Timbaland song. Or just say “HAI HELGA WHAT’S UP GIVE ME TICKETS”. Comments are moderated so don’t panic if your comment doesn’t appear immediately. The concert is a week away so I’m setting the contest deadline on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 5pm (I’d set it to midnight but I don’t want to stay up late and end up with dark circles under my eyes hehehe). I’ll be selecting the two winners via randomizer.org. Each winner will get two tickets each so you can bring a friend along! I will be contacting the winners via email with details on how to claim the tickets.

We’ve been informed that JT will be performing at least eight songs and that he might bring Jessica along. There are only a few tickets left so if you don’t win, you can still buy from Ticketworld. Ticket details:

Ticketworld Pricing
VIP PhP 4,651.20
GOLD PhP 3,100.80
SILVER PhP 1,550.40
BRONZE PhP 310.08

Now available.
Mosh pit or VVIP section for TIMBALAND concert PhP8,268.80.
Not available via website purchase. Call TicketWorld @ (+632) 891.9999

So leave a comment and get a chance to see them live! Again: comments are moderated, mkay? They’ll be approved, don’t worry. Good luck!

PS: dSLRs aren’t allowed, only point and shoot cameras!


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How Did You Get Here?

I don’t often check my Google Analytics’s keywords data (aka the stuff you googled to find me/the stuff you googled to intentionally or unintentionally land here) because it makes me slightly uncomfortable. My site’s top five keywords have always been the following: helga weber, ditz revolution, blog ditz, http://blog.ditz-revolution.net, and www.iyotan.filipina.com (uh, good luck with that, guys). The majority of the other keywords are on stuff also related to me. There’s no surprise there, really, but it just kinda creeps me out. People are nosy and they leave me wondering why the heck they want to know all these specific things about me.

A few examples:

  • helga scent
  • helga weber hair dye
  • anawangin cove helga weber
  • helga weber copycat (and copying helga weber)
  • does helga weber have a macbook
  • helga weber boyfriend
  • helga weber half sister
  • helga weber livejournal
  • helga weber loafers
  • helga weber starbucks highlighter
  • casting benetton helga weber (if this is about the It’s My Time Contest— I didn’t join)

And then there’s a bunch whole lot of perverted keywords, some of which make me giggle. There are the funny ones, of course. Here are a few:

  • beautiful filipina women with ugly boyfriends pictures
  • filipina matrona online site
  • how to use crest whitestrips if my tooth is dead (aww, this makes me sad)
  • how to whiten your skin through condense milk & calamansi (wouldn’t you rather nom on the condensed milk and not waste it?!)
  • mean ass filipina
  • matrona filipina
  • push help squeeze through “butt got stuck”
  • eczema treatment (lolz)
  • trannies call center
  • westside hand sign pictures
  • to hail a cab

And to answer a few questions:

is there any public transport going to emerald ave?
Yes. ph-commute.com is a very helpful site for the Filipino who takes public transportation.

is crest whitestrip available at mercury drug store or watson?
Try those PX goods stores, ebay.ph, or Multiply shops.

why are philippinas so cheap and slutty?
Because you’re ugly, white, and have money =(

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