T’Was My First Time At the Polls

Necessary I voted! photo:

indelible ink

(I am aware I have retardedly stubby fingers and small hands! And a Hansgrohe faucet LOLQUE.)

It took my folks and I a little over an hour and a half to line up and vote at our precinct. I was expecting the worst, having read people’s tweets from yesterday morning so I was pleasantly surprised at how things turned out for us. I guess it was a good thing I didn’t register to vote in Quezon City.

I voted for Noynoy Aquino. For those anti-Noynoy folks out there, I’d like you to read something my beautiful boyfriend wrote over at his Tumblr:

Now That We’ve Voted

Can we please go back to respecting each other?

I’m tired of seeing people say “OMG Filipinos are such morons” or that “We’re a country of idiots”

Seriously guys, THERE’S THE DOOR, don’t let it hit your christian ass on your way out. I’m sure Iran would love to take you in.

To those who REALLY love our country and not just the man they think can run it best (whoever it is, whether or not you voted for him), this is my promise to you:

I Pledge to support the incoming president. I will do my part to help him institute the reforms needed to wipe out corruption and propel the country in the right direction. I will help him bring back the integrity of our government by setting an example for others with my own actions. I will advocate everything he does that I feel will better my country.

If he strays from the path that he’s laid down for himself and from the promises he made that made me support him in the first place, I will be his biggest critic. I will speak out and strive to be heard. I will be the thorn in his side and I will be tireless.

Mr. President-elect, now that you’ve given us hope and led us to the polls with your words and the promise to bring integrity, transparency, and honesty, I await your actions.

Never forget those who believed in you.

I’m all smiles today. Still crossing my fingers for Mar Roxas, though.

Countdown to the Big Two-Five, I Guess

Helga Weber

In less than a month (twenty-six days, to be exact), I turn 25. I must admit: it’s a little frightening. For reasons I no longer remember that are too stupid and embarrassing to share, I used to look forward to turning a year older. …All right all right, I will tell you why: once upon a time (meaning, back in college aka when I didn’t know better), there was this guy. He was maybe five or six years my senior and— not to bore you with old drama— he made me feel inadequate for being young(er). That whole thing with guy didn’t work out (obviously and thank gawd) and now I am in a *sparkle* relationship *sparkle* with a guy who is twelve years older than me and he makes me feel like the most special kitty in the world.

SO I AM TURNING 25 and I am feeling… the age. At 25, I can no longer join beauty contests (I’m not saying that I can or will) or audition for certain things (last week, I found myself outside a band rehearsal studio at Annapolis in Cubao. There was a sign looking for female band members within the 18-24 age range) or qualify for certain jobs (uh, receptionist? Secretary? Oh, what do I know). These are the unimportant things that send me into little fits of internal panic. How very unnecessary.

Now as much as I would like to expound on this fear and talk about my feelings! my emotions! mah h0pez & mah dreamz!, I’d rather take the ditzy route and list down a bunch of crap I feel I would need “to give meaning to my 25 years of existence” aka STUFF HELGA WANTS (and will probably get for herself) FOR HER BIRTHDAY. No, lots of beer and lots of vodka are not in the list; what am I, in high school?

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Anawangin Cove, Nagsasa Cove, Capones Island In Way Too Many (Useless) Photos

So I just got back from Zambales for the second time this month, this time to go camping in Anawangin Saturday night, to do the opposite of camping at Capones Vista Resort Sunday afternoon, and to check out Nagsasa Cove and Capones Island Monday (before heading back to the city in the afternoon).

I do conclude that twice in my life is enough for Anawangin. I am never going back there to spend the night, at least not during the summer months. It’s real pretty there, though.

Anawangin from afar. I am so smart, I only brought my 50mm lens.

Anawangin Cove

This is Aa. She’s the reason why we went away for the weekend. It’s her birthday today. She said she reads my blog. Happy birthday, Aa!

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This Is A Crosspost From My Tumblr

Because that is how I roll.

LOL THIS IS HOW DARK I AM and I’m uglier now than when this photo was taken (this morning) because in some form of sorcery, my tan eats my makeup. My nose is starting to peel, too. I’ve got some joint pain, too, must be from lugging around my heavy bags.

I don’t tan nicely, I get DARK and DIRTY like a BOATMAN and not rosy and golden. I’d rather deal with a couple of weeks of being ugly than miss out on doing fun shit under the sun, though.

My co-worker didn’t recognize me at work today.

~*~LeT mY iNnAr bEaUtY sHiNe tHrOuGh~*~

I Would Like To Work Out Tonight, But I’m A Little Hungover

I have a new resolution and I am quite excited to start: I am going to eat fruit everyday.

In my imagination, I am at least 5 foot 4 (with heels, of course) and a perpetual hundred and ten pounds (even after the holidays!). I have pink and white roller skates and a bicycle with a bell and I happily roll around my neighborhood every afternoon, while or a little before the sun sets. I have enough hours in the day for work, for reading, for people, and for rolling.

In my imagination, the boyfriend and I live with a cat. Every charmed life needs a cat. This cat is as big as a month-old human baby and his name is Horatio but everyone calls him Baby.

In my imagination, I prefer tea over coffee and have a proper tea set like every proper lady should. I have an oven and every hungover Sunday afternoon is spent baking. I know how to make a mean cheesecake. In my imagination.

But I can’t be/do/have those few simple things, not right now, so I resolve to eat fruit everyday.

I also bought a corset.

I need a colon cleanse, badly.

This is my friend, Tin.

We are neighbors, but not the kind of I’m going to your place to watch TV and hang out and drink soda on a sweltering summer afternoon neighbors. Her dad is a kagawad. Until today, he was under the impression that Tin and I were a couple.

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