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The Weekend in Photos: All Me

Not a lot of photos because I’m honestly too tired to go through everything I took over the weekend. I had an incident this morning which sapped me off almost all my energy— I caught a construction worker on the roof of the building behind my apartment peeping in on me through my second floor window. Long story short: the baranggay captain and the building owner asked I not file charges or a formal complaint against the guy.

It’s funny because I’m 25 years old and I still turn to my folks (especially my mom since she’s the one with the mouth lol) when things like this happen. I should be able to handle these things on my own.

Anyway, the weekend in a nutshell: Saturday— SM shopping with Jewel and Tin, and then Rabi’s rockstar-themed bachelorette party at Malayan Plaza; Sunday— quick trip to Greenhills and then hung out at Tin’s with a couple of our friends.

Shopping outfit. Thrifted ruffled top, thrifted khakis that need ironing (lol lyk who dus dat), thrifted Cath Kidston bag, Janylin wedges.

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La Vanita Vita, Part One.

It has been a hectic week (and by hectic, I mean playing Lucky Train in between “creative” breaks from work) but I cannot not post this entry! As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I modeled gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS! lingerie for House of Vanita almost a week ago. It was a last-minute decision, taking Lauren‘s spot as she had to back out a few days before the show. Truth be told, I almost didn’t do it.

You see, when I first got the email/invitation to model for them last August, I thought about it for a day and decided it wasn’t for me. Weird, I know, since I’m always parading around the internets in my underwear,
anyway. Ramp and IRL is different from photos, though; in photos, I can find flattering angles and suck in my stomach and have control over what I show to the world. I also have a myriad of insecurities (I am never skinny enough!!!) and worries (er, unflattering angles, of which I have a lot). So I ignored the email and forgot about it until Lauren asked me early last week if I could do it.

Once again, I gave myself a day to think before deciding to do it. To quote Hilary Duff– “Why not?” After all, I’m not getting any younger and I’ll try anything once. My boyfriend had his reservations and asked if I really wanted such an ostentatious debut into modeling. I wouldn’t go as far as calling this a ~once in a lifetime opportunity~ but bobdamn, I’d be a bucket of regret if I didn’t do it… nevermind that I had no time to prepare aka starve myself to cokewhore proportions.

I still don’t have photos from the event itself but here are some from before and after the show (and few during, taken from Tin‘s camera):

They fed us pizza during rehearsals aka the night before the show.

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The Weekend In Photos: House of Vanita, Cubao, Greenhills, Tiendesitas

Helga Weber

I had a pretty grand weekend. I’m still giddy about my Saturday night (I modeled lingerie (!!!) for House of Vanita along with six other bloggers) and I’m not quite sure how to write about it so I’ll do it later this week. Here is a photo my friend, Tin, took of me during the show:

La Vanita Vita

The little belly is cute, okay. I’m redoing Recovery Week (Insanity) because I missed two days last week.

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When It Rains, It Pours

I am a little frazzled today; it’s a Friday and I am strapped for time. I have rehearsals at 7pm tonight (all the way in Makati… and the John Mayer concert is tonight, too! Can you imagine the heavy traffic I’ll have to sit through?) and I still have to go back home (Quezon City) to get my shoes. Days like this, I wish I lived in a bike-able city so I could whiz through traffic and get some exercise while at it. Unfortunately, I risk respiratory diseases, dying, and maybe even getting mugged.

It was raining when I left for work this morning so I happily donned gray tights and my thrifted ridiculous knit sweater.

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New Jeggings

Lazy outfit!: my brother’s white shirt and herbench (lol, I know) jeggings/knit jeans. I am aware that my shoes are mismatched; I was undecided, was in a hurry, and needed to take photos. I ended up leaving the house with the yellow pair (from tOnic at The Ramp).

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