Egg In Toast

Today’s breakfast was egg in toast.

I saw a “tutorial” for this on Tumblr last week and I couldn’t wait to try it myself. It usually calls for two eggs and two slices of bread but I didn’t want to feel heavy so early in my day (do not want to start needing for diet pills, heh) so I just ate the second slice of bread with a slice of cheese.

It’s seriously a little pathetic how lacking my cooking skills are. I think I would do well, as long as I had a recipe book to refer to but I’m lazy! Yay for me for still trying, right?

hair & beauty

Give Yourself A Salon Cut At Home

I woke up yesterday morning to find a quick email from my boyfriend with this attached (plus a link to where I can buy buy acne solutions) and a note that says “thought you might find this useful lol.” Obviously, he is laughing at me because I do a disastrous job of trimming my own bangs and thinks I need guidance from the hair gurus over at Well, he’s right.

I just thought I’d share this here. I know there’s a wealth of information out there on how to trim your bangs but look— cute illustrations! Click the image to enlarge.

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Links, Here and There

20 Ways To Savor Tomatoes. I love tomatoes and just reading the seemingly quick and easy recipes is enough to make my mouth water.

How to make potato chips in a microwave. Potato chips are delicious and dangerous; the other week, I ate an entire bag worth 900 calories in one sitting. I swore never to do that again but I started craving for more a few days letter. I ended up buying really expensive potato chips (fried in avocado oil) because the calories and sodium content were relatively lower than other brands. I figure if I can make my own potato chips (in olive oil, of course), I can probably do away with all that sodium and other stuff.

Street Beauty Turns Up 8 Lovely Looks. I love all of them!

behind the scenes

September Goals

First, a photo of today’s lunch!

Steamed vegetables (snow peas, string beans, cauliflower, carrots, and young corn. Young corn and broccoli are my favorites but Molave Garden didn’t have the latter last Sunday), steamed chicken breast, and a hard-boiled egg. I eat the yolk because I am not a crazy person, heh.

For September, I only have two goals.

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health & fitness, the weekend

The Weekend In Photos: Mango Farm

Well, it’s a Monday and I know I owe interested and curious people an Insanity update but I decided to track my progress here every two weeks aka every time I have to take the Fit Test. There aren’t any visible changes in my body (tummy is still as flabby as ever CRYMOANWAIL) but that’s ok— it’s only been a week, after all! I just have to keep at it, not give up, and watch what I eat.

Speaking of making changes to my eating habits/my diet: it’s hard. I pigged out and went over my beer (and cigarette) limit over the weekend. Once again, I am telling myself that it’s ok— it’s my first week, after all. I was supposed to do some cardio on Sunday (it feels strange not working out!) but I didn’t have enough time as I still had to look for copper farmhouse sinks. That said, Insanity is gong to KILL ME tonight.

Photos from the weekend Sunday!

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