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The 7 foods experts won’t eat. A few in the list: canned tomatoes (ooh), microwaved popcorn (uh-oh), and conventional apples.

Too unfit to run: Two-year-old who smokes 40 cigarettes a day puffs away on a toy truck.

His mother, Diana, 26, wept: ‘He’s totally addicted. If he doesn’t get cigarettes, he gets angry and screams and batters his head against the wall. He tells me he feels dizzy and sick.’

Ardi will smoke only one brand and his habit costs his parents £3.78 a day in Musi Banyuasin, in Indonesia’s South Sumatra province.

But in spite of this, his fishmonger father Mohammed, 30, said: ‘He looks pretty healthy to me. I don’t see the problem.’

How ridiculous is this?! I would like to know how a two-year old child learned to smoke and where he got his first cigarette from. How is this even possible?! Why hasn’t this child been taken away from his parents?! Too many interrabangs, I know, but I’m just in disbelief.

carinsurancelist. You know, just in case you guys are looking to get free insurance quotes online and in minutes.

Addicted to fat: Blame it on Evolution! Benj explains why “If fat does have really bad effects on the human body, why is it so hard to resist the temptation?”

Things I Love, 6

1) Lists. Lists are easy and, when you have enough things to list down, makes for a passable blog entry. I’m lazy these days and prefer to no longer write extensively about my thoughts and how I feel, online. I feel like there’s enough of me and how my mind operates out there and that maybe it’s about time to hold back a little.

Orrr maybe I’ve just become boring. That must be it.

2) Kitties! And my pops, of course. They’re very adorable.

3) Milo, or any chocolate drink for that matter. A cold glass of it keeps me full for a few hours after lunch, tiding me over ’til dinner time. I know it’s kind of fattening so I have to keep myself from chugging down more than a glass and maybe only drink it every other day.

4) The internet! Where else can I read about prenatal vitamins at 3 in the morning?

5) My Echofon for Firefox stopped working when I updated to the latest version some weeks ago (even after uninstalling and re-installing it) and I’m too lazy to get Tweetdeck working so I’ve been using this browser-based Twitter client. I quite like it.

Television Stuff

I need to stop saying “I’m not big on TV” or “I don’t really watch TV” because I do, in fact, watch a whole lot of TV.

Shows I watch that I’m totally into:

  • CSI
  • CSI: Miami
  • CSI: New York

Shows I need to catch up on:

  • CSI
  • CSI: Miami (my season 7 DVD is missing a few eps)
  • CSI: New York
  • Glee (stopped watching an episode or two before they took that break)
  • Gossip Girl (I think I have eight more eps to go)
  • How I Met Your Mother (season 5)
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • SNL
  • The Hills
  • The Vampire Diaries

Shows I plan to get into:

  • Community
  • The United States of Tara

Anyone have recommendations?

Shows I would like to get into but am too overwhelmed to get into lulz:

  • One Tree Hill
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Lost (finally ended!)

Shows I am too scared to get into:

  • True Blood

Dot Dot Dot

It’s been a while since I spent my weekend drinking, well, two nights in a row. This is all very uninteresting to you but I still feel compelled to write it down here: I either get blasted Friday night and spend my Saturday and Sundays faffing around the apartment and nursing a hangover with some Nido soup orrrr I stay up all night on-line on a Friday night and get blasted on a Saturday night and then hate myself for it come Sunday.

Read More: Dot Dot Dot

Anawangin Cove, Nagsasa Cove, Capones Island In Way Too Many (Useless) Photos

So I just got back from Zambales for the second time this month, this time to go camping in Anawangin Saturday night, to do the opposite of camping at Capones Vista Resort Sunday afternoon, and to check out Nagsasa Cove and Capones Island Monday (before heading back to the city in the afternoon).

I do conclude that twice in my life is enough for Anawangin. I am never going back there to spend the night, at least not during the summer months. It’s real pretty there, though.

Anawangin from afar. I am so smart, I only brought my 50mm lens.

Anawangin Cove

This is Aa. She’s the reason why we went away for the weekend. It’s her birthday today. She said she reads my blog. Happy birthday, Aa!

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