Lightening My Eyebrows!

I got bored browsing promotional products online yesterday so I decided to use the Sally Hansen facial hair bleach/cream hair bleach I got on Tuesday and lighten my eyebrows.

Okay, so that’s not true (the bit about me getting bored); yesterday, I came to work. Nothing unusual about that except that it was a special non-working holiday (I hate these things cos they dare be called “holidays” yet we don’t get paid if we don’t go to work) and only two of us in our department came in. I took half the day off, went to Book Sale and disinterestedly checked out books, bought a skirt and a top, and then rushed home a little past 7pm when I realized that I’ve only had two cupcakes to eat the entire day. For someone who only spent four hours in the office, I was exhausted.

Now that I’ve blabbed and typed enough words— PICS and the PROCESS!

I think that was J or Crystal who said that eyebrows are supposed to be two shades darker than your hair. Now I’ve got fake auburn hair but I’m pretty sure black isn’t dark brown/reddish brown/auburn lol.


Drugstore Mini-Haul

Headed to Watson’s last night to get some supplies (and by supplies I mean hair dye and a foundation sponge which I forgot to buy) and came home with these.

Left to right: Daggett and Ramsdell Knee and Elbow Lightening Cream (PHP295), Olay Total Effects(PHP700ish), Kolours in Toasted Anise (PHP230ish), Sensa Tea Tree Oil foaming facial wash (PHP138), and Sally Hansen facial hair bleach (PHP365).

Drugstore mini-haul, click!

Photos Like Diaries

Hello hello, ’tis Friday, ’tis the weekend. I plan on staying in and playing Frontierville on Facebook (I am a loser, yes) while eating healthy things that will make me look less like a cheeseburger and more like a vixen of sorts. I might not be able to resist a bag of Cheetos, though, so we shall see.

Photos! Of Nothing! Important! From! The Week! That! Was!

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Hopez and Dreamz: June

Like my list of categories isn’t random and unorganized enough (one of these days, I will do something about them), here I am creating a new one. This has potential to make sense, though, so I’m not very worried about adding to the clutter.

This June, I hope to lose weight/get into shape/stay fit. It’s ridiculous how much my midsection disgusts me and I am not being cute when I say that. I snapped a couple of photos this morning but I’m going to keep those to myself until I have acceptable “after” photos of my tummy. My metabolism isn’t the same anymore (plus all those years of guzzling down beer is catching up on me) so I have to be really careful. I’ve been working out daily for… well, the last two nights which isn’t a feat of any sort but it’s a start.

My goal for this month is to get back to 110 pounds. I weighed myself mid-May and was sad to see that I was 117 pounds. I vowed to lose those 7 pounds but I got lazy and had too much fun with beer and food. My weight today? Still 117.

I’ve also been reading up on how to boost my metabolism. Most of it are things I already know (yet don’t do) like eat breakfast, eat several small meals throughout the day etc etc. The fun ways to boost my metabolism: drink more green tea (except I don’t like regular green tea because it’s bitter and the flavored green tea brands in the market are sugar bombs) and eat more yogurt.

I also hope to eat a little healthily this month. This is going to be tough considering I am totally jonesing for McDonald’s (I blame the intern who had McD’s in the pantry a coupla hours ago) and some cake right now. I’m definitely not going to deprive myself of the “bad” stuff but I will TRY. Maybe I should start taking vitamin supplements, too? Anyway, I had steamed chicken breasts (that turned out to be delicious!) on red rice for lunch today so that’s a start (yay, me! Two starts!).

Just those two little goals for June. Other things I am looking forward to this month:
1) getting my second tattoo (tomorrow!)
2) Hanson’s fifth studio album, Shout It Out (June 8th)
3) getting paid (well, duh)
4) Eclipse!

Wish me luck!

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