30-Day Shopping Ban

30-Day Shopping Ban |

Last night, I asked myself if I could go on a 30-Day Shopping Ban ON MY BIRTHDAY MONTH. I had just spent 45 minutes de-cluttering my make-up stash and was disgusted at the amount of junk I had accumulated over the last two years. Most of them were samples from subscription boxes or impulse purchases (things I bought on the spot without consulting reviews) that I only ended up using a couple of times. It may not amount to much, but it’s still wasted money and— more importantly— a reflection of my lack of restraint.

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What My Break-Up Taught Me

What My Break-Up Taught Me |

If you’ve been following me anywhere on-line for the most part of the last eight years, you’d know that I was in a long-distance relationship for six years. We broke up in 2013 and I’d have to say it was probably the best thing to happen to me. I didn’t know it then, but I was very unhappy with the whole situation and it reflected on my attitude and how I interacted with the world. I was an empty hateful person on most days— bitter about the relationship and the lack of progress, and very jealous of the happily coupled people around me. Can you imagine being like that for six years?!?!

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