4 Ways to Earn Extra Money This Summer

4 Ways to Earn Extra Money This Summer | blog.ditz-revolution.net

Financial independence is one of those things I wish I learned as a young adult. I wasn’t born into a rich family but I have a mom who spoiled me (she still does, in a way) which kind of made me a little lax with money. Sometimes I wish I were given a harder time growing up so I’d have learned to hustle at an early age (okay, not really).

Making extra cash isn’t actually that hard, when you think about it. I’ve put together a list of four easy ways you can supplement your income (this summer). I hope you find something useful here!

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Shit My Boyfriend Says // 5

Shit My Boyfriend Says | blog.ditz-revolution.net

(I’m currently on this diet where I only allow myself rice during lunch and I can’t eat bad carbs after 6PM. Other things I can’t have are sweets/processed sugars, chips, fast food, and beer. Beer will be very hard but I figure I can stick to scotch or go back to wine. Is light beer really that bad???)

Threatening Joey:

Me: Sige ka, I’ll get thin and get a thigh gap.
Joey: You already have a very thin thigh… gap.

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