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Love Always, Freakie

Am I done with blogging? Who knows. But I’m on Tinyletter, which is like friends-locked blogging, just like we all used to do on Livejournal. In there, I can talk freely about things!

I sent out my first email today (and wouldn’t shut up about it online because I need validation etc) where I talked about how girls are disgusting (we really are). Do you have Tinyletter? Leave a link so I can subscribe!

gift ideas

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your (Best) Girl Friends

Do I love giving gifts? I don’t. I’d also be lying if I said I like helping people. But I do like looking at stuff and spending money! So here’s a holiday gift guide for the clueless and helpless.

It’s hard to categorize folks so I decided to break my gift guide down into five general groups (versus going specific e.g. The Quirkyalone Best Friend, The Bro-grammer Boyfriend etc etc), starting with best girl friends.

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My 2014 Christmas Wishlist

Have I been naughty or nice? That’s up for debate. But I sure deserve more than coal this Christmas! Here’s this year’s kind of grown-up and mostly pragmatic wishlist:

1 – Personalized tag necklaces (on a 20″ chain, please) from Bohindi with Joey’s and my initials. The local brand closest to Bohindi would be Hobbylane by Cez with customized jewelry that’s just as pretty and dainty.

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bits and pieces

Bits and Pieces

Beaches are great and all but I have a waste of a waist so I prefer heading to the mountains (I’ve done this, like, three times in my life), the sosyal probinsya (Tagaytay, I guess) or y’know, just staying in bed. But Joey played a Baler gig last weekend and since I’ve never been there, I asked to tag along.

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