Life Lately

On Tuesday, I finally signed a contract declaring myself as a regular employee with benefits and all that fancy stuff (JK no fancy stuff here). I just have to go through the rest of the pre-employment requirements to make it Official. Tomorrow, I’ll be taking my bra off for a breast exam and will be peeing in a cup for a urinalysis etc etc (from boobs to bodily fluids, so sexy). I’m studying hard for that medical exam, yo. Quite frankly, I’m dreading finding out how much I weigh now because those heavy duty clinic scales don’t lie!

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Food Diary: Hong Kong

Sat down with some friends for afternoon tea!

I was in Hong Kong for five days last week and I honestly thought I would get super fat but Ysa and I realized two days into the trip that we weren’t really pigging out! We didn’t really snack and we only ate two meals a day, at the most. Crazy!

Of course, that did not mean that we ate clean…

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Weekend Eats: Chopstop

Technically, this isn’t a weekend eat since my co-worker and I went there Thursday night for a super late dinner (we stayed in the office way past 10PM, squeezing in work before the long weekend). I suggested we walked to Commune (which my former boss, Ros, owns) at the end of Valero but we chanced upon Chopstop a few blocks down and decided to try it.

Kind of a mistake, really.

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Nothing Beats Fibr: The PLDT FibrExperience Event at Buddha Bar

We’ve been with PLDT for as long as this house had a phone line (give or take twenty years!). Save for a few snafus over billing issues (that was quickly resolved with a phone call) and that one time when we didn’t have internet for a month because of Ondoy (LOL), I would say we’re pretty satisfied customers. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t have bothered to get the PLDT Telpad plan this year!

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