Lovely Shoes Order #3 aka NEVER AGAIN

I never learn my lesson.

Against my better judgment and once again swayed by the pretty pictures and the cheap prices, I placed my third order with Lovely Shoes a little over two weeks ago (they arrived a few days before Christmas). My last order prior proved to be a bust because these creeper-esque boots thing ended up too tiny as did these boots, while these gave me blisters and these were heavy and uncomfortable (but really cute).

I was doing so well, having gone a year without checking the site until temptation kicked in and I found myself browsing their selection of boots. Originally, I wanted the pink ones I posted in my December Wishlist but my boyfriend hated them and my stupid self was just itching to get new boots. So I did.

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Find of the Week: My Dressing Room

Oh my lucky stars! While frantically searching online for a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding, my search keywords led me to this gem of a store— My Dressing Room!

MDR basically offers a handful of basic dress styles that you can customize according to your preferred color, size, and length. It’s perfect if you just need something simple and can’t be bothered to buy your own cloth and scout for a seamstress! Seriously, where was My Dressing Room when I needed a dress for Klassy’s wedding early this year?!

After browsing the styles offered, I settled on a square-neck pleated dress and a scoop-neck swing tank dress.

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