Skin Care Made Easier: The Neutrogena Online Store

A couple of weeks ago, I attended an intimate dinner with the Neutrogena Philippines team for the launch of the Neutrogena online store. Finally! I am HUGE on online shopping; this month alone, I’ve spent over PHP5000 (!!!) alone on eBay, Multiply, and other web stores (thank you, 13th month bonus). These days, it takes a lot to coax me into leaving my apartment. I love shopping but I hate dealing with traffic, crowds, and queues so I’m really glad that my favorite skin care brand has made it easier for me.

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December Wishlist

1 – Platypus slippers by Snooki. Isn’t that the creepiest and cutest thing you’ve ever seen?
2 – Round toe thick heel boots from Lovely Shoes. Surprisingly, my boyfriend hates these (!!!) so I put in an order for sensible tall black boots instead. I still want them, though!
3 – Three-layer flip-up sunnies. I ordered a handful of sunnies on eBay recently and came across this pair. It’s stupid expensive, though, for cheap China shit (~900PHP) so I settled for regular Mickey Mouse-style flip-up sunnies.
4 – Velvet skater skirts in red, gray, and navy. Perfect for Christmas but if I order them now, I won’t be getting them ’til January. Perhaps I could put them away for next year.
5 – Nook Simple Touch. Plot twist: my boyfriend bought me one during the Black Friday sale. I just have to get it.
6 – iPhone 4s. Because I refuse to drop a buttload of money on the iPhone 5.
7 – Yarn from Knit Picks. Particularly cotton blends so that I could try my hand at making wearables. In the meantime, I might attempt this Lighthearted Tunic pattern with icky acrylic.

What’s on your wishlist?

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