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5 “Bad Habits” I’ve Left Behind

I had a very shallow epiphany last Saturday night: I was sitting in the shadows at TxF, hoping no one would bother me because I just wanted to drink in silence. I opened a fresh pack of cigarettes and realized that I no longer smacked the pack upside down to, well, pack the tobacco— a habit I’ve had since I bought my very first pack of cigarettes over a decade ago. Friends and I even had dumb packing contests!

(I know, I know: smoking is The One Bad Habit I should leave behind. I eventually will.)

It’s silly, but I felt a little more grown-up realizing I had left behind a habit of my youth. This led me to think of other “bad habits” that I’ve dumped.

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the sunday currently

The Sunday Currently // 9

Last night, Joey and I were sitting on his bedroom floor stuffing our faces with salsa and Tostitos and listening to Bob Marley as a joke. We were both deep in our thoughts until Joey broke the silence between us when he burst out laughing, spraying chewed up corn chips all over me.

Tell me I’m not the only one these things happen to.



Blog, Inc.: Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community by Joy Cho. Okay, not currently currently since I just got it on the Kindle five minutes ago.

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behind the scenes

Thankful Tuesdays // 2

Some things happened yesterday that put me in a very foul mood. I was so pissed off that at one point last night, I found myself walking along C5 and cursing loudly. Who does that?!

Today’s a little better, though my heart is still heavy. I’ve typed up three drafts airing a few annoyances and frustrations but decided to just shelf them for the time being and focus on more positive things.

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