You Know You’re REALLY An Adult When…

You Know You’re REALLY An Adult When… | blog.ditz-revolution.net

When I was young and naïve, I always thought life would have some sort of ceremony or a turning point that’ll explicitly mark the passage from bumbling teen to full-fledged adult. Like, I was 21 when I moved into my first condo and that could have been #mymoment… but my mom was paying for my rent. I started paying for my own rent at 25 and that could have been #mymoment… but my mom would still come over to clean my apartment. I’m fully financially independent now and maybe this is #mymoment… and does it really matter that I live with my mom???

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Summer Things I’m Looking Forward To

Summer Things I’m Looking Forward To | blog.ditz-revolution.net

When you’re a working adult, summer isn’t really anything special. It’s just like the rest of the year, but hotter and stickier. For as long as I remember, I’ve been spending the March-May months stuck in the city, grateful for the longer days but also wishing I could hie away to a destination that isn’t my office lol.

This year, I plan to do things differently. I’ve started watching what I eat and working out so I could at least trade in my sweaters for sundresses, and I’ve been plotting my vacation leaves so I could have a proper summer trip.

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Fight Plaque with the Right Toothbrush!

Fight Plaque with the Right Toothbrush! | blog.ditz-revolution.net

Here’s a disgusting confession: I once went years without visiting the dentist. My plaque and tartar build-up got so bad that it filled in the gap between my lower front teeth! It was such a relief when the dentist pulled it out, kind of like finally getting rid of a massive tinga. We both laughed about it and I promised I’d be back more often.

Plaque build-up is not cute not does it feel nice. You know how your teeth sometimes feel fuzzy or slimy? That’s plaque right there. A quick search on google images will show you how plaque looks like and yup, it’s kind of ugly. When people smile, it’s the first thing I notice. If you have plaque build-up, please see the dentist right away because that can lead to serious dental problems!

Did you know that the simplest and easiest way to care for your teeth is by choosing the right toothbrush?

A toothbrush is an investment, which seems kind of silly because it’s an investment you have to regularly replace. For the longest time, I thought all toothbrushes were made the same. I mean, they all have bristles and they do what’s needed, so I always opted for the cheap no-frills ones because why spend more than a hundred pesos on something that I’ll have to throw out in 2-3 months?

Some toothbrushes are better than others, something I really noticed when I traded in my generic one for a fancier one. The Oral-B Pro-Health Cross Action Toothbrush has a unique 16-degree angle brush that provides superior cleaning and removes 99% of plaque build-up. Sounds too promising? Well, my teeth started feeling clean with regularly usage. You know how you sometimes unconsciously run your tongue over your teeth because they feel furry? I noticed I was doing it less after using this toothbrush.

Fight Plaque with the Right Toothbrush! | blog.ditz-revolution.net

My smile is an important part of who I am because it’s how I express my happiness and my appreciation for other people (friends or strangers). Seriously, people should smile more! With my history as a smoker and coffee-drinker, I have to go the extra mile and prioritize oral health by minimizing plaque build-up, going to the dentist, and using the right toothbrush.

If you find yourself plagued with plaque (one of the root causes of poor oral health) and shy to show off your smile, you should give the Oral-B Pro-Health Cross Action toothbrush a try. Let’s help improve our country’s state of oral health by starting with our loved ones and ourselves.

What toothbrush do you use? Have you tried Oral-B Pro-Health Cross Action toothbrush? :)