My US Tourist Visa Interview: Questions and How It Went

My US Tourist Visa Interview: Questions and How It Went |

I was in Malaysia last August for a bloggers trip when my mom started bugging me on Viber, asking me questions about my job and my monthly salary (something I keep secret from her because I don’t want her to know how much I’m really making hehe). Turns out that she got tired of waiting for me to fill out my US tourist visa application form and decided to do it herself. To be fair, she just put the form on the shelf where I leave my house keys without telling me that they were for me! All along, I thought they were documents for my brother.

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health & fitness

Trying Out Flyweight Boutique Boxing

Flyweight PH Boutqieu Boxing Stuido |

I’ve got this whole fitness thing pretty much figured out: I go indoor rowing and cycling at Saddle Row (review soon) during the week and I lift weights at Fitness First on weekends. It’s an effective routine for me and the 20 pounds I lost over the course of 3-4 months from cycling and rowing proves that.

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SM Sticker Pak! Ganern! on Viber

Three things about me:

1) I’m kind of an oversharer. (Yesterday, Karlo and I were talking about inappropriate places we’ve peed in. When nature calls…)
2) I always need a second opinion. (Where should I have lunch? Should I get ice cream? These are decisions I can’t make on my own.)
3) I love emojis and stickers. I can’t even remember what life was like before when chats were purely text!

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