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Wake Up To Better Mornings

I am not a morning person but as a responsible adult, I try to be up and checking my Clash of Clans village when my alarm goes off at 630am. However, if I had my way, I wouldn’t roll out of bed until after 9. In fact, almost every morning begins with a pep talk where I give myself reasons to get my day started.

Some of these are:

1. Helga, you can’t be late for work anymore so let’s go.

2. Helga, you don’t make money sleeping so let’s go.

3. Helga, you’ll feel awake mid-shower so let’s go.

The last one is the most effective way to get me out of bed because no matter how sleepy I am, I know I’m bound to be 100% awake after a nice, hot shower. So as soon as I am (rudely) awakened by my alarm (vibrate + Ripples so it’s not so, erm, alarming) I put away my phone, grab my towel and grudgingly make my way to the bathroom.

I wish there were better ways to wake up, though. I have a few ideas:

1. Breakfast buffets.

2. News of Metro Manila finally being free of its traffic problems (means I can clock in another hour of sleep!).

3. My cats calling a permanent truce amongst themselves.

4. Joey telling me he’s getting me lipo for Christmas.

Pobre me, I can only dream.

As if mornings weren’t hard enough, alarm clocks can be such mean things (I have one— an actual one— that goes off randomly while I’m DeepInREM.exe). Don’t you wish there was an app that would making waking up a better, more fun experience?

Enter: the NESCAFÉ Wake Up App (free at the App Store and Google Play Store).

The NESCAFÉ Wake Up App allows you or your friends to record a 10-second video to save or send to each other so that you may set it as an alarm. It can be something that will get you going, like your friends screaming at you to get up; or something, uh, sweet like your SO snoring (because that’s your cue to wake up and adjust their head to make it stop). Whichever video you choose, it’s sure to beat the marimba tone.

You can even wake up to a different alarm/video every day because you can store them in the gallery!

(On Mondays, we wake up to the sounds of our hopes and dreams fading away.)

Now who’s up for a challenge?

Meet Sammy Snooze, the sleepiest dude in the Philippines (I know quite a few guys like him):

He needs your help waking up lest he sleeps through the major things in life. This week, he is in danger of sleeping through an important family trip. I know what it’s like because it almost happened to me a couple of weekends ago (blame it on the a-a-alcohol).

Here’s how you can join (and win stuff, yay!):

It’s as easy as falling asleep!

There’ll be weekly #WakeUpSammy challenges until the 24th, with the final challenge happening soon at the Glorietta 5 Activity Center. Yep, Sammy Snooze will be sleeping in the middle of the mall and it’s OUR job, as a nation of carpe diem-entors, to wake him up.

Are y’all up for the challenge?

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PLDT Home’s heyÜ: The Filipino Family’s Virtual Landline and All-in-One Communication App

Does anyone still text anymore???

I know I barely do. Thanks to messaging apps, I’ve practically eliminated the need to shell out money for every message I send to my mom and friends. I can’t remember the last time I went over my allotted monthly texts!

Everyone has a preferred messaging app to use and the latest to join the party is PLDT Home’s heyÜ: a locally-designed communication app with 16 features perfect for keeping in touch with your family. The features are similar to most messaging apps— stickers, free instant messaging, free video calls, free and paid calls, public and private group chats, and secret messaging… you get the gist. But my favorite heyÜ feature (and what sets it apart from all the other apps) is being able to make free and unlimited calls to all PLDT landlines in the country.

As a PLDT subscriber, that’s super convenient! I can’t wait for heyÜ to be available for iOS so I can take advantage of that feature.

Download and register heyÜ and say HEYYYYYYYYYY to a new smart phone! You can win a Samsung Galaxy 5 (and other prizes) when you join their Prize Grab promo.

Getting started with heyÜ is easy. Simply download the app from Google Play Store and tap the “REGISTER” button. You will be prompted to input your account details, including your PLDT Account Number. Upon completing the form and account verification, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with your login credentials. Launch the heyÜ app and enter the username and password e-mailed to you to get started.

Log on to for more information.

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Take a Break: KIT KAT Agents of the Break Movement

As an advertising creative (gross, how pretentious do I sound), taking breaks is important. Sometimes, your brain just refuses to work and even the threat of a deadline isn’t enough fuel to get shit done.

When this happens, I free myself from the shackles of my work laptop and take a break. Taking a few minutes to zone out is nice, but I prefer…

Looking at cat pictures.

(This is Kulasa, Little Miss Freakie’s younger sister.)

KIT KAT Agents of the Break Movement

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