Diet Diva Day 1

I am the worst eater I know.

Despite many attempts at correcting my eating habits, I find myself yoyo-ing between barely eating and pigging out. I’m either at a caloric deficit (forcing my body to go into starvation mode) or I’m gorging. Portion control is also an alien concept to me (despite having a kitchen scale that I bought years ago solely for this purpose lol) and I can easily consume 700 calories in one sitting. I can work out all I want (something I haven’t been able to do lately because my right ankle still hurts) but that will not fix a bad diet.

Diet Diva Philippines

This doesn’t smell like liempo…

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In Which I Should Just Shave Off All My Hair And Call It A Day

It started with an intense hatred for my roots.

I had grand plans of swearing off bleach the entire October. It’s not really that hard, since I do go at least a month in between bleaches but having learned about bleach baths and the wonders of virgin coconut oil as a ~damage minimizer~ a couple of months ago, I’ve been finding excuses to BB every two weeks.

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Singapore In Useless Pictures

Didn’t get to take a lot of pictures or do much this time around because I only had a couple of days (didn’t want to be away from LMF for too long!). I left Manila with two things on the agenda: go to Henderson Waves to camwhore with OFW Penny and buy shit on sale at Cotton On in Anchorpoint. Of the two, I only got to do the latter pft.


Friends and I had dinner at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh across MRT Clarke Quay/Central. It was my first time to try bak kut teh and OFW Jay described it as their version of our nilaga, but without the vegetables. I decided to go with the pig stomach version, instead of ~the classic pork ribs~. I may not have a drop of Chinese blood in me but I love innards!

song fa bak kut teh

My meal (pig stomach, rice, and homemade barley drink) cost me S$7.40 or ~PHP250. Kind of spendy for what could be carinderia food. It was just okay. Even the dough fritters were just okay. Would eat again, but for less!

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Zac Efron Penshoppe Fan Conference

“Helga? You are the last person I expect to see here!”Jonver, when he saw me lining up… to line up.

I love Zac Efron. I try not to emotionally and financially invest myself in (male) celebrities because I don’t think I can handle another Hanson in my life, but I have two exceptions: Liam Hemsworth, because he’s engaged to Miley Cyrus; and Zac Efron, because HAVE YOU SEEN THE GUY? Is he not the cream to your coffee???

LOL what I wore: Cotton On dress (new favorite; will wear urrday & urrwhere), Cotton On cardigan, SM Accessories necklace

(To be fair, my flats were from Penshoppe.)

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