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Dare Your Mind To Create at DMC’s Handcrafted Fair

When I was in high school, I had a love and hate relationship with Home Economics class. While I liked the cooking and baking part of the curriculum, I absolutely despised home crafts. Though I found crochet and knitting enjoyable enough, I was totally hopeless when it came to sewing (especially with a machine!). Until today, I still have to ask my mom to fix buttons and mend holes for me. I almost flunked junior year Home Ec class due to my inability to sew.

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UPDATED – Lazada PH: Slow Delivery, Fake Products and Just Generally a Shitty Company


Yesterday, one day after I raised hell on Twitter and published this post, Lazada Philippines’ Head of Customer Experience gave me a call to rectify the situation. RJ was very apologetic and explained that though the company tries to make sure of the quality of products they sell on the site, they can’t always be on top of everything and questionable items still manage to makes its way online.

I accepted his apology and I am glad that they reached out. To be frank, had the shipment not been delayed and had their customer care folks done a good job and not sent me canned response after canned response, I would have probably been calmer online.

This is what Lazada Philippines has done to correct the situation:

1) Taken down the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Straightening/Curling/Waving Iron listing from the site.

2) Sent me an authentic BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair U-Style Curler. RJ personally picked it out to make sure what I was getting was the real thing. It was delivered to me today and I have compared it to the one listed on the BaByliss PRO US website and the ones used in several Youtube videos and it checks out. Yay!

3) Offered a Lazada Philippines voucher because according to RJ, what I experienced is really not how things go with them. I declined the voucher because really, all I want is that darn iron. I am pleased with how their Customer Experience and PR teams are handling my situation so I may not completely write them off. I am still cautious, of course.

Several folks have shared their own experience with Lazada Philippines; some bad, some good. I am aware that no online retailer is perfect and that things don’t always go as smoothly as they should. I think that as more Filipinos turn to the internet to buy stuff and are under the impression that what they are buying are genuine items, companies should try their best to be more vigilant about quality control and counterfeit items. After all, we should be able to transact online with confidence.

Arvi, their head of PR, has also reached out and asked to meet with me in person. If my schedule next week permits, I will! I also hope that those who are currently waiting for refunds get their situation sorted out.

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Love Always, Freakie

Am I done with blogging? Who knows. But I’m on Tinyletter, which is like friends-locked blogging, just like we all used to do on Livejournal. In there, I can talk freely about things!

I sent out my first email today (and wouldn’t shut up about it online because I need validation etc) where I talked about how girls are disgusting (we really are). Do you have Tinyletter? Leave a link so I can subscribe!