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(My) Blonde Asian Girl Essentials / How I Bleach My Hair


So you’re an Asian girl with naturally black/dark tresses who has gone blonde (or wants to) and has somehow ruined her hair. Or fears ruining her hair.

I’m not saying you’ve come to the right place because I’m no pro, but I sure can offer some help! Or, at the very least, a shopping list.

I get a lot of questions about The Path to the Blonde Life— how to do it, what do they need, how much will it cost, can they do without this or that etc etc.

Here’s the thing: going blonde takes time, effort, and money. So many people go into bleaching their hair unprepared or unwilling to spend on after-care. THAT IS SILLY. I cannot stress this enough: do not go blonde if you can’t afford it.

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5 Vegetables That Will Keep Your Hair Healthy and Shiny

If your locks are looking a little lacklustre, don’t reach straight for the expensive treatments, lotions and potions that allegedly produce a miracle cure. Instead, try incorporating certain vegetables into your diet that will actively help your hair strengthen and shine – as well as keep your body running as it should!

If you are experiencing some hair loss and want a flawless cover up while your veggie-rich diet is repairing the damage, why not try a hair concealer like bioTHIK? It’s simply to apply, comes in a range of colours that match up to any hair hue and will withstand harsh weather. Everyone will be jealous of your thick head of hair!

In the meantime, here are five vegetables that will actively improve the quality of your hair.

Sweet Potato

This delicious vegetable is chock full of essential vitamins, in particular Vitamin A – which keeps your hair smooth and shiny, and prevents the dreaded dandruff! So if your scalp is looking a little flaky or dry, up your sweet potato intake for your daily dose of beta-carotene. As good an excuse as any to make some delicious sweet potato fries!

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Apptastic: 30 Day Squat Challenge

Do you love squats? I frikken love squats. They’re my favorite “workout.”

But I don’t do them enough and as often as I’d like I need to. My current ass is testament to that, and it’s not like I’m doing anything about it. I’m super lazy these days and it doesn’t help that I have a desk job. I can also come up with 88 different excuses on why I can’t dedicate 15-20 minutes a day to working out. (It’s a talent.)

So praise high heavens for apps like the 30 Day Squat Challenge!

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