Helga’s eBay Misadventures: Starfish Hair Clips

I’m a little obsessed with eBay (those darn China sellers and their free postage!!!) but since losing one income some time last year, I’ve managed to curb this addiction and not order cute and unnecessary stuff. I was in eBay rehab for close to 12 months and I was doing pretty well holding on to my hard-earned money.

Until the day before Typhoon Glenda hit Metro Manila. I was done with my work deliverables and I was feeling restless. I had money sitting in my Paypal that was too small to cash out.

What did I do? Hit up eBay.

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(My) Blonde Asian Girl Essentials / How I Bleach My Hair


So you’re an Asian girl with naturally black/dark tresses who has gone blonde (or wants to) and has somehow ruined her hair. Or fears ruining her hair.

I’m not saying you’ve come to the right place because I’m no pro, but I sure can offer some help! Or, at the very least, a shopping list.

I get a lot of questions about The Path to the Blonde Life— how to do it, what do they need, how much will it cost, can they do without this or that etc etc.

Here’s the thing: going blonde takes time, effort, and money. So many people go into bleaching their hair unprepared or unwilling to spend on after-care. THAT IS SILLY. I cannot stress this enough: do not go blonde if you can’t afford it.

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