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I have a bad habit of saying no to opportunities.

It took me two years to leave a job where I was underpaid, uninspired, and unhappy because I didn’t think I could make it anywhere else. When I did finally leave and started working as a freelancer, I would constantly turn down jobs (both writing and web design) because I didn’t think I was capable. Instead of taking on challenges, I resigned to defeat without even trying.

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hair & beauty

My Experience With PhiBrows Microblading


I like to think that I’ve been blessed with nice brows, mostly because I actually have them. Thank god I was still indifferent towards beauty and makeup when thin brows were trendy, so I never made the mistake of overplucking them! It took some time, a few mistakes (like bleaching them and leaving them as is), and a lot of learning and experimenting before I finally figured out my eyebrows.

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behind the scenes

Life Lately

So much for being back. I can’t believe I let August fly by without updating this space at least once. I still have one more Bali blog post to put together but I keep putting it off because the photos from that day are mostly of me and monkeys. I don’t think I’ll ever make it as a travel blogger.

It’s an easy day at work so I thought I’d do a quick Life Lately post.

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