The Pious Monk: How I Eat My Nestle Crunch Ice Cream

A few weeks ago, Nuffnang PH invited me to do a shoot with Niccolo Cosme for Nestle’s Funtacular Ways to Eat Nestle Crunch Ice Cream (what a mouthful! Just like the ice cream stick itself!). We were instructed to wear something blue or predominantly blue and my hair was a perfect match! Of course, I ended up adding some purple a few days before to hide the green the blue was fading into lol.

I already posted this photo on my Tumblr and Facebook. I love my nose here! I arrived at the shoot with make up but I insisted on having Alyssa Cortes doll me up some more. Can’t resist a makeup artist!

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Update: Playtex Giveaway

Hey guys, just a quick FYI about my ongoing giveaway with Playtex. There’s been a slight change in one of the prizes— originally, the winner was supposed to receive a suitcase from Regalong Pambahay, PHP2000 worth of Muji gift vouchers, and PHP500 worth of Playtex products. Unfortunately, the suitcase is no longer available so taking its place will be more Muji gift vouchers!

Up for grabs now is a PHP3500 gift voucher from Muji and the Playtex products (still worth PHP500).

I apologize for this but there’s nothing I can do about it :( Thanks to everyone who has joined so far! For those who haven’t, you still have until midnight of August 29 to submit your answer here!

SunShorts: A Life In A Day

Old age is something I don’t like thinking about. As cliche as this may sound, there are some nights where I lie in bed, terrified of growing old. Losing my youth, having my health deteriorate and my skin sag, no longer being able to do everything I currently enjoy— these are just some of the things I fear. I think about my mom (in her 50s) and my dad (in his 60s) and wonder if they ever wish they could turn back time and be young again. I think I would, if I were their age.

And I don’t even want to imagine what life will be like when my folks are gone.

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