Weekend Eats: Katsu Cafe

First things first: HOLY CRAP, I NEVER THOUGHT THINGS WOULD GET THIS BUSY!!! Between work (2 jobs), going to the gym, having an actual savings account, and hanging out with friends on the weekends, I must say… I’m starting to feel like a well-rounded adult! Bonus: I have cats, too!

(Now if only I could find the time to update this boring blog on the regular…)

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Weekend Eats: Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Place

Photo from Ally’s on Facebook

I live for breakfast food. And I don’t mean any of that cereal and fruit nonsense. I’m Filipino and I like my weekend breakfasts big and hearty with copious amounts of sinangag. While most local joints offer all-day breakfast meals on their menu, I’ve always wanted a place dedicated solely to breakfast (that costs less and is nearer to me than IHOP or Heaven and Eggs).

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