Happy Birthday To Me: My 18th Birthday Party Mix

Helga's 18th Birthday Mix from helgaweber on 8tracks Radio.

When I turned 18, I made a mix CD to give out to the guests at my party. Today, Kaye (the first friend I made in college) tweeted me and said she still had the CD.

I’d rather not wax nostalgic because a) I have work to do and b) emotions are stupid so here is the mix and. The tracklist is under the cut. Warning: it’s a little embarrassing but so is being 18. And 19. And 20. And 21.

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Food Diary: What I Ate Wednesdays // 6

I AM MEGA EXHAUSTED. I thought about posting this a day late because I want nothing more than to snuggle in bed and fall asleep to MasterChef while my hair dries but I’m trying to keep a streak going here!

Today, I woke up at 1230pm only to find out— a half hour later— that I had to be in Makati by 230pm for a meeting. I was planning on scrambling some eggs and topping it with salsa for breakfast but oops, gotta rush!

Today was all about pork and rice.

Glorious, glorious pork and glorious, glorious rice.

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How to Keep Color Treated Hair Healthy

The most common question I get— second to “hey gurl y u so fine & can I get yo numba???”— is how do I keep my hair still looking soft and healthy. Having hair that’s been bleached up to a level 10 for the past two years (and maybe double processed a couple of times shhh), you’d think my hair would have fallen off with all the abuse. I know it’s just hair, but it’s hard and frustrating work keeping it in the best condition possible for bleached hair! In the past, I had a revolving door of hair products as I tried to find which worked best for me. All that trying and testing was quite expensive and wasteful! Fortunately for me (and my hair!), I’ve found my essentials.

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