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Feel the Love With Whisper Skin Love

Feel the Love With Whisper Skin Love |

Getting my period sucks.

For the most part of the month, I’m okay. Sure, things can get challenging but I power through my days because I’m an adult with responsibilities. But once I start bleeding down there, it’s game over; I turn into a big baby whining about how life is unfair. On top of the things already on my plate, I now have to deal with dysmenorrhea, feeling fat and bloated, accidental stains, and ALL THE EMOTIONS! (I was PMS-ing one time and Joey gave me a playful pinch that sent me laughing and then crying within a matter of seconds). Tampons are a godsend but they’re expensive and most pads are uncomfortable, clumpy things that give me rashes.

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October Favorites

October Favorites |

Hello from Hong Kong! Joey and I are here for 6 days (we flew in Wednesday) just for a change of scenery. We’re not 100% on holiday because we’re still working but it’s better than being stuck in Manila. We’re having a lazy day today (though we might head out to Golden Shopping Arcade later to check out computer games) so I decided go through my blog drafts and work on a non-sponsored/non-guest post entry.

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