How to Be a Better Blogger // 1

How to Be a Better Blogger |

I’m on a quest to be a better blogger because lately, it’s been making me happy. It’s a different kind of creativity from my job (though both are heavy on writing, ideation, and having an eye for pretty), one that gets my heart humming.

And just like any other job— not saying blogging is my job, I’m just treating it in a similar fashion— I have some KPIs. For now, I’m keeping them to myself.

(I’M KIDDING I’M KIDDING, I HAVE YET TO SET MY KPIs. Well, I have one: to post content 2-3x a week.)

I’m on a quest to be a better blogger and I’d like to share these with everyone out there who are on the same, uh, journey. This is not a how-to for you because lord knows I’m in no position to preach as if my “teachings” are the gospel truth. Instead, it’s a how-to for us!


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The 5 People I Wish Would GTFO Twitter


I spend a lot of time on Twitter, silently lulzing at people. YOU KNOW YOU DO IT, TOO. While I try to practice kindness and positivity in life, I still enjoy the occasional private snarkfest. It’s normal. It’s not bad. Everyone does it. At least I’m being honest. We can’t like everybody!

Etc etc.

If I could control the internet, here are the 5 types of people I wish would delete their Twitter apps and step away from their phones… forever.

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DIY: 7 Easy and Adorable Washi Tape Projects


*We here at Ditz Revolution LOVE to get crafty once in a while. In fact, we keep a steady supply of washi tape at hand for those moments when we feel like sprucing up our surroundings! Washi or decorative tape is a very versatile and affordable craft material that can be used to cuten up practically anything. With **Spring just around the corner, we thought it was a great time to freshen up a few boring office items.

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6 Things I Love In a Blog


Six things I love in a blog besides its content, of course!

1. About Me Page

I was browsing Instagram a while back and came across this adorable style blogger. Interest piqued, I clicked to visit her blog but a quick glance of the latest posts gave me the impression that there wasn’t much to see or read; it was all just nice photos of her outfits. The About Me page also told me nothing about her— just a few words stating her interests, which were nothing special to begin with: food, arts, music etc.

So cute and so pretty, but so dull.

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