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I subscribe to two health sites newsletters and I love getting daily emails from them! Here are a few favorites.

Three Diet Changes for Better Health. In a nutshell: cut back on booze, opt for more vegetarian meals, and pack healthy snacks.

10 Easy Ways to Cut 100 Calories. Oh dear, how does one say “no” to cheese in sandwiches or croutons in salads!?

8 Headache Remedies That Aren’t Hocus-Pocus.

10 Breakfasts That Defy Hunger. I love #5. I know a lot of people think eggs are evil; I don’t. I love eggs and can eat four in a day. My boyfriend always tells me to skip the yolk and I tell him he’s crazy.

Health care careers.

5 Ways Working Out Can Benefit Your Skin. One of the things I love about working out!

Top 10 Skin Allergy Triggers. I discovered last week that I am allergic to nickel when I got rashes for wearing a necklace two days in a row.

Boots and Wedges From Lovely Shoes

Hello hello, just a quick update as things have been busy. I’m very ashamed to report that I’ve gone back to my bad habits (drinking/getting drunk, gorging on fatty, oily food, crying over Wedding Jewelry, and then sleeping right after) and haven’t worked out properly since my Cebu trip. I’m heaps disappointed in myself and I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things next week (something I keep telling myself the past ~3 weeks). I’m supposed to be almost done with Insanity but I put it on hold when I realized I haven’t been enjoying it. Boyfriend tells me working out is meant to be hard work and not something you’re supposed to enjoy; I say PSHAW! Insanity Month 1 was hard as heck but I loved every painful minute of it. I think my main issue is that the Max routines are 50+ minutes long and that my workouts usually end at 1130 at night.

Shoes From Lovely Shoes

I Love Wacoal Sorci Age!


Lingerie/underwear is my favorite kind of clothing but it’s also the second thing I hate shopping for the most (jeans being the first). Like jeans, it is so hard to find the perfect fit; and once you do find that pair that fits you like a glove… sorta, it’s only a matter of washes and wears before it stretches and well, no longer fits and flatters your body.

I am ashamed to admit that in the past, I have willingly sacrificed fit, comfort, and form for aesthetics. It might seem a little silly since they’re undergarments but pretty underwear is a must and wearing a cute pair never fails to make me feel lovely. I’ll buy anything that catches my eye— I love everything lacy or anything with ruffles but I also have a preference for classy floral patterns and playful ones like polka dots and animal prints. I only have one rule when it comes to underwear: no boring whites allowed. It reminds me too much of the very stark and practical training bras and 5-pack panties I used to wear when I was younger!

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Eat Polvoron, Dress Like Polvoron


I don’t know where my days go. It’s Friday and I’m sitting here, thinking of the week that was, and nothing stands out; nothing sticks to me save for the exhaustion I feel when I wake up every morning at 930am (I’m back to my old ways, being really bad at this waking up early thing). I really do not know what I do with my time and it just feels so unsatisfying, this daily grind.

Oh oh oh: my bedroom mirror broke (the one I’ve had since I was in high school… so it’s at least a decade old) Tuesday morning. Exciting times.

Yesterday, I ate ten milk polvorons in one sitting.
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