How Did You Get Here?

I don’t often check my Google Analytics’s keywords data (aka the stuff you googled to find me/the stuff you googled to intentionally or unintentionally land here) because it makes me slightly uncomfortable. My site’s top five keywords have always been the following: helga weber, ditz revolution, blog ditz,, and (uh, good luck with that, guys). The majority of the other keywords are on stuff also related to me. There’s no surprise there, really, but it just kinda creeps me out. People are nosy and they leave me wondering why the heck they want to know all these specific things about me.

A few examples:

  • helga scent
  • helga weber hair dye
  • anawangin cove helga weber
  • helga weber copycat (and copying helga weber)
  • does helga weber have a macbook
  • helga weber boyfriend
  • helga weber half sister
  • helga weber livejournal
  • helga weber loafers
  • helga weber starbucks highlighter
  • casting benetton helga weber (if this is about the It’s My Time Contest— I didn’t join)

And then there’s a bunch whole lot of perverted keywords, some of which make me giggle. There are the funny ones, of course. Here are a few:

  • beautiful filipina women with ugly boyfriends pictures
  • filipina matrona online site
  • how to use crest whitestrips if my tooth is dead (aww, this makes me sad)
  • how to whiten your skin through condense milk & calamansi (wouldn’t you rather nom on the condensed milk and not waste it?!)
  • mean ass filipina
  • matrona filipina
  • push help squeeze through “butt got stuck”
  • eczema treatment (lolz)
  • trannies call center
  • westside hand sign pictures
  • to hail a cab

And to answer a few questions:

is there any public transport going to emerald ave?
Yes. is a very helpful site for the Filipino who takes public transportation.

is crest whitestrip available at mercury drug store or watson?
Try those PX goods stores,, or Multiply shops.

why are philippinas so cheap and slutty?
Because you’re ugly, white, and have money =(

My New Shoes Are Yellow Because I Heart Noynoy


Because it’s going to take some time before I can get my loafers resoled and because I couldn’t exactly watch Alice in Wonderland and then go drinking afterwards tiptoeing in fear, I got myself a new pair of shoes after work. I had about twenty minutes to pick out a pair so it’s a good thing that I came across Liz‘s blog; I already knew what I was getting even before leaving the office. I wish I had more time to look for a terry romper.

Yellow shoes

I am not quite sure what they are called, though. They are not pointy enough to be winkle pickers nor do they have the wingtip pattern to qualify as brogues; derbies are men’s shoes and they obviously aren’t loafers. The closest they come to are Oxford shoes. Please correct me/please tell me if you know what style these fall under!

Yellow shoes

They’re made of synthetic leather which kind of puts me off but I can live with that. I got them from tOnic at The Ramp for 995 pesos. It comes in three bright shades of blue, pink, and yellow and I really wanted a pair in blue to match last Friday’s outfit but only yellow came in my size.

Not really a fan of flats because they fail to make me look slimmer but they’re a necessity with all the walking I do!

Yellow shoes

A List Of Things That Make Me Happy

1. The smell of cheap burgers frying.
2. The smell of breakfast cooking.
3. The smell of clean laundry. Someone should really bottle this up and sell it as perfume.
4. Pretty girls. They are very inspiring.
5. Tapsi ni Vivian. It’s terrible, but I especially love the chicharon bulaklak.
6. Sober weekends spent on my couch, watching CSI episodes.
7. Bubble tea.
8. Liempo.
9. Hotdogs.
10. Stalking.
11. Chocolate pretzel sticks.
12. Being able to read up on just about everything on the internet. Today, I read about life insurance.
13. When my boyfriend calls me “babydoll/babydollz”.
14. Waking up early (and not having to rush through my morning routine).
15. The sound of the camera shutter.
16. Cats that don’t run away when I approach them.
17. Finding stuff that I was looking for on
18. Flossing and cleaning my ears!
19. Completing a game of Klondike on my iPod.
20. Making a perfect cup of black coffee (I often mess this up: too much sugar/too much coffee).

What are things that make you happy?

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