Fun With Photoshop

I played around with my hair on Photoshop last night. If there’s an upside to this disastrous bleaching job, it’s that it’s easier to color my hair in on Photoshop, heh.

These are all very quick Photoshop jobs, mind you. I was bored (okay, more like procrastinating, doing random stuff online when I should have been reading up on l-dopa) last night and thought it would be fun to see how I’d look with gray hair.

Hair hair hair~

Ukay-ukay Wonderland? Hardly.


When I saw that photo on Len’s blog a couple of weeks ago, I had to ask her where this magical place was. I have never seen an ukay place that huge. At first glance, I thought it was Fashion Delite (Araneta Center, across Eurotel) from a different angle but everything about the location was unfamiliar. Fortunately, Len and I were meeting up that night and you bet it was the first thing I asked when we sat down for dinner.

Walking in an ukay-ukay wonderland

Helga, What Did You Do To Your Hair? aka Helga, You Have Japayuki Hair

If you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr, you’ll know that I bleached my hair blonde last night. This isn’t the first time I bleached my own hair as I had already done this three weeks ago (I think) and I left the bleach on for four hours (because I am hardcore). The point in all this is to get my hair light and white enough to dye the ends pink (please refer to the fourth photo in this entry).

Oops, OMG, WTF, WTH, etc~

Links, Here and There

I subscribe to two health sites newsletters and I love getting daily emails from them! Here are a few favorites.

Three Diet Changes for Better Health. In a nutshell: cut back on booze, opt for more vegetarian meals, and pack healthy snacks.

10 Easy Ways to Cut 100 Calories. Oh dear, how does one say “no” to cheese in sandwiches or croutons in salads!?

8 Headache Remedies That Aren’t Hocus-Pocus.

10 Breakfasts That Defy Hunger. I love #5. I know a lot of people think eggs are evil; I don’t. I love eggs and can eat four in a day. My boyfriend always tells me to skip the yolk and I tell him he’s crazy.

Health care careers.

5 Ways Working Out Can Benefit Your Skin. One of the things I love about working out!

Top 10 Skin Allergy Triggers. I discovered last week that I am allergic to nickel when I got rashes for wearing a necklace two days in a row.

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