A Harry Potter Christmas

Here at dotPH, we have themed annual Christmas parties. Two thousand eight’s theme (the year I joined the company) was “Masquerade”; 2009’s was Plants vs Zombies. This year, we had three options to choose from: Red Carpet (I can’t imagine us girls running around and playing games in evening dresses, eek), Horror Night, and Hogwarts. Hogwarts won!

Like always, our team (Creatives) was put in charge of decorations. Here are a few photos of what we came up with.

A Harry Potter Christmas


December Is A Sweatfest

Does anyone remember how cold it was late 2008 and early 2009? It’s three days ’til Christmas and I’m still waiting for the weather to get chilly. Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas when you’re sitting in front of a fan at 10 in the morning with sweaty armpits.

SWEATY, NOT SMELLY, OKAY. My sweat smells like hamburgers, glitter, and Bath & Body Works’s Sea Island Cotton… or cigarette smoke.

December Is A Sweatfest

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Note To Self: Make Time To Read

Picked up a few books from the 2-for-PHP99 shelf to add to my growing pile of books I have yet to read. It’s such a shame that I never set aside time to just read (I started on The Time Traveler’s Wife last October and I’m only halfway through it!). Too many distractions like Cityville, trading cards/stamps, looking at boys in skinny ties, and other internet things.

How do you make time to read?


Snapshots From Sagada, Part 2

I had very little knowledge of Sagada prior to this trip; all I knew was that it was going to be really cold and that there were these caves I had to go to.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do the “cave connection” as we didn’t have enough time. We were able to go on a four-hour trek Saturday afternoon, though!


My friend, Charls, on doing things da internets!!!

Snapshots From Sagada, Part 2