Dinner, Because My Life Is So Exciting.

Third day in a row I’m having fruit for dinner. I usually get something else to eat with it (corndog, empanada etc) so it isn’t too depressing. Yes, eating fruit makes me sad because I would rather have a burger. I have to look at pretty, happy things like modern furniture and lolcats while eating to keep me from bursting into tears. Lawd.

The fruit mix in the rectangle container is my co-worker’s; it’s the fruit mix I had the first day. I kind of don’t like dragon fruit so I went with the other mix. I’m starting to like the taste of papaya now which is good for my tummy, yay. That’s my coconut-lychee shake and some Hong Kong Style Noodles with pork siomai in the back.

Grapes, cantaloupe, watermelon, and papaya. I realized that I don’t really like grapes

My HK Style Noodles. I’m never getting this again lol, it tastes funny. Either that or I suck at mixing my own sauces. I got it because I wanted the siomai (you can barely see it in this photo). Stupid, I know, because I could’ve just gotten siomai alone.

I Will Have Beautiful Skin!

My dad is so cute; look at what he brought me when he dropped by the apartment this morning!

Wild honey! The jar on the right is a mix of Castor oil and extra virgin olive oil that I use for the oil cleansing method (my mix is 70% Castor oil and 30% EVOO). I thought I’d photograph both jars at once so I wouldn’t have to take two photos heh.

I’ve been having some skin problems lately; not severe, just bothersome (stubborn pimples, an army of whiteheads). I know I can’t do much about the hormonal breakouts but I’d like to alleviate them any way I can. I started the OCM last week (but I’ve taken a break from it until I get my dot) while both my folks were in the apartment. Anyway, I told them what the OCM was for (help oiliness and clearing pores plus a few other good things) and it’s so sweet of my dad to get me wild honey for my pimples. They’re big on organic stuff (my mom brings us organic cleansers, lotions, shampoo, anti-perspirant etc) while I’m big on chemicals and things that are bad for me lol.

I’m excited to do this tonight. I’m also going to try a baking soda mask (I read that it helps minimize large pores) and I’m currently researching on the best fat burners and the best place to get a diamond peel.

Yeah, I’m a little obsessed.

Five Random Things About Me

(I’m not claiming to be an interesting person but I need ten more entries within the next four days, heh. Lists are easy and so am I! Wait, no.)

1) I have ugly feet. On good days/at best, they’re hideous. On ugly days, they can be likened to troll feet. They’re bony and veiny and oddly-shaped. I like keeping them hidden.

Please do not look at my feet to verify this when we see each other. I can tell when someone is checking out my feet and I act react accordingly (hide my feet or cover your eyes).

2) I am pimply. Not acne-ridden, just pimply. I always have the occasional three to five pimples scattered around my face; two or three have taken up permanent residency on my chin area (I googled this and found out that chimples are usually caused by hormones?). It gets worse when I’m nearing my dot.

My goal this month is to rid myself of these pesky things. I smoke, I drink (alcohol + caffeine), I have an average diet, I sleep very late, I drink at least four liters of water a day. I know what I’m doing wrong, don’t worry.

3) I am a glutton. I have a big appetite and can very much out-eat a man twice my size. When home, I have to discipline myself not to overeat.

4) I am easily distracted and tend to tab back and forth random, unrelated things. My current open tabs (of the non-Facebook/Twitter/etc variety): Branson vacations, Six Super Helpful Typography Cheat Sheets, and Jackson Pollock.

5) I cry a lot. But never in front of you.

Might Just Be One of Those Days

Let me tell you something about me that may take you by surprise and I would really appreciate it if you, interested reader, stifled your giggles and tried not to laugh or go “Helga, you lie.” Don’t worry, it’s nothing personal, nothing that’ll make you go “Uh, TMI”; just a little FYI, just a little something to let you get to know me better.

I’m not really a talkative person. I’m serious. When out with friends, I’d rather everyone just shut up. Yes, I am exaggerating but you get my point: I’d take awkward silence over having the air filled with drivel and stupid banter. I hate it when people open their mouths for the sake of hearing their own voice and I hate unnecessary talking. Of course, “stupid” and “drivel” are relative and my favorite people and dearest friends are always brilliant and compelling conversationalists. They also provide a lot of lulz and advice on adult acne treatments (okay, maybe not).

When I was in high school, a boy peer once remarked that my future husband would probably be the unluckiest dude in the world because I was bound to be a nag of a wife. He then proceeded to mimic me: he raised his arm, jabbed his finger in the air and went “wah! wah! wah!” in a shrill, un-Helga voice. It was pretty silly and I (will admit) kinda hurtful. Whatever; I could see how Teenage Helga was obnoxious. I also didn’t really learn how to modulate my voice ’til I was in college.

I like quiet. Some days, I can go without uttering a single word out loud. On most days, the only conversation I have is when I have to buy something: “Isang pack ng Marlboro Reds” or “Stored value” or “Dalawang orders ng siomai, take out, no chili.” It’s a little sad but I’ve gotten used to it the same way I’ve gotten used to absence, to waiting.

Happy Pasig Day Plus New Stuff

I got the day off from work today because it’s Pasig Day (and I work in Ortigas Center, yay) so I made plans with my friend, Tin, to hit SM Megamall. …And we swear it wasn’t because Forever21 opened today. Tin needed a backpack and I needed to look at some all clad copper core cookware, heehee. We didn’t have much time because Tin was meeting some friends for dinner at 4pm so we rushed through the afternoon. I was running late (what else is new) having done the oil cleansing method before taking a shower (more about this in another blog entry!) so it was a little past two when we met up (we’re neighbors, by the way!) and it had already started to rain.

This crazy changing weather sucks.

Helga Weber

I’m wearing my irritating fake glasses because I did my makeup in less than five minutes and my eyeliner got all messy. That plus sweat plus the rain = UGH.

A few more photos!
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