Saturday Night LOTD

I went out last Saturday night to see Inception and for birthday (Erwin‘s and Nan‘s) drinks with friends after. I suck at reviewing movies (or anything, really) so I’ll just say that I found Inception ridiculously brilliant; I’m really glad I chose to watch it in the theater instead of downloading it, heh.

It rained hard early evening but stopped when I was about to leave the apartment so I opted not to change out of my khaki shorts. The top and shorts (men’s walking shorts, I just had them hemmed) are both thrifted. I got the purple butterfly belt from and the purple wedges are from Janilyn. I normally don’t tuck my tops in or wear waist belts because I am forever conscious about my waist/belly but I decided to just not care.

Closer look at the belt. The shorts weren’t hemmed short enough (ugh, I had sewn and cuffed them the way I wanted but the tailor didn’t follow my instructions) so I still have to fold them.

I’m thinking about working out again and I’ve also been reading Hydroxycut reviews ( I still have a bad case of the lazies which I’m hoping ends soon.

Dinner, Because My Life Is So Exciting, II.

Dole Fuji apple slices, melon yogurt, and a pack of crackers for dinner. I was really close to caving in and buying a burger and fries at McDonald’s but I fought off the urge and succeeded! All I had to think about was how guilty I was going to feel afterwards and how filthy it is to eat McD’s junk. I didn’t feel like walking all the way to Galleria tonight so I got all these from the Mini Stop next door.

I’m still trying to get the hang of this thing I’m doing. I’m not weighing myself or measuring inches, just looking at myself in the mirror and thinking “hmm, still looking a bit gross, tummy.” I’ve been reading up on the best weight loss supplements but I don’t know, I’ve decided to stay away from pills for now. I haven’t been working out (not in the mood), too, so I really need to watch what I eat and maybe cut back on the booze.

I need to be sick on weekends more :D

Basyang is Boring

Practically the entire Metro Manila was at a standstill yesterday, thanks to Typhoon Basyang’s (Conson) strong winds. The power went out at my place at 1230am, Wednesday night, while I was in the shower (I was about to rinse off). People had been tweeting that they had lost power and I was really hoping that our neighborhood/area would be, I don’t know, spared? We didn’t lose power during Ondoy/Ketsana but then the winds weren’t insanely strong (like bear!) then.

It was a good thing that it was cold enough to sleep without any ventilation but the power was still out Wednesday morning which meant I had to take a cold shower. Cold showers are a lot like torture and if I could sue Meralco for this, I would (I actually have a list of things I wish I could sue Meralco for but I’m trying to avoid lists in this entry). I briefly contemplated calling Meralco with a story about how I am unable to work from home without electricity and will they reimburse me my lost income? I don’t actually work from home but at 9am, I am usually on my laptop checking on my Facebook frontier while drying my hair and chugging on two mugs of coffee. I realized I didn’t know Meralco’s number (nothing in the Yellow Pages, too) so I made my coffee, sat in my balcony, fanned my hair dry, took out my barcode scanner, and read a crappy book.

Isn’t this entry full of excitement.

The trains were out, too, and as a rule, I never take the bus to work. All right, I have no such rule but I feel like I need some neurotic reason to justify taking a cab to work when there are cheaper options. I thought about sending Meralco an invoice for my cab ride. The angry hums of several generators were the first thing I heard when I got off Emerald Avenue. LOL I went to work thinking we’d have power in the office but I was wrong. We were allowed to take half the day off (unpaid, of course) and I grumbled during the cab ride home (I thought the MRT wasn’t working still) when I realized I spent more than I earned for the day (I had to give my brother money).

I was in bed by 9pm. Did I mention I was still a little bit sick yesterday? I slept like a baby, I wish my skin would be like a baby’s, too.

Under The Weather, Bleh

Came down with a terrible case of the suckies (fever, cough, runny nose, and chills) on Sunday, largely due to the fact that I was already sick on Saturday yet I still went out to party with my friends. I’m ridiculous, I know. I stayed in bed/my couch most of Sunday (try 22 hours? I only left to check the internet for a bit and to buy food from across the street) and I had to skip work yesterday.

I’m feeling slightly better today and I am typing this from my office computer. My body aches from too much of being horizontal over the weekend (my back, especially) and I have scary rashes on my neck/collarbone, though. Scary, because I don’t really get rashes so this is all very strange to me. I know I should use my health card and see a doctor instead of worrying myself into thinking I have measles or cirrhosis. I’ll think about it.

I couldn’t take a decent photo this morning because I wasn’t feeling particularly cute but I wanted to show off my ridiculous knitted sweater. It says “Hepburn” in silver sequins.

My new shoes.

Sick people food. I don’t know why I even bothered, I was too sick to be hungry (you’d think I was on phentermine) or to taste anything but the warm soupy rice felt nice in my mouth.

Dinner, Because My Life Is So Exciting.

Third day in a row I’m having fruit for dinner. I usually get something else to eat with it (corndog, empanada etc) so it isn’t too depressing. Yes, eating fruit makes me sad because I would rather have a burger. I have to look at pretty, happy things like modern furniture and lolcats while eating to keep me from bursting into tears. Lawd.

The fruit mix in the rectangle container is my co-worker’s; it’s the fruit mix I had the first day. I kind of don’t like dragon fruit so I went with the other mix. I’m starting to like the taste of papaya now which is good for my tummy, yay. That’s my coconut-lychee shake and some Hong Kong Style Noodles with pork siomai in the back.

Grapes, cantaloupe, watermelon, and papaya. I realized that I don’t really like grapes

My HK Style Noodles. I’m never getting this again lol, it tastes funny. Either that or I suck at mixing my own sauces. I got it because I wanted the siomai (you can barely see it in this photo). Stupid, I know, because I could’ve just gotten siomai alone.

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