Manila Bulletin in 3D: The Newspaper of the Future

retro 3D

Friends and I joined Nuffnang and Manila Bulletin last November 19 for the Manila Bulletin 3D newspaper launch at The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences in Makati. Elyoo and I arrived late (we came from work and had to deal with Friday night traffic) so the party was in full-swing by the time we got there. We still had fun, of course, even though we camped out in the washroom (which doubled as the smoking room) most of the night!

Manila Bulletin in 3D: The Newspaper of the Future


All Maxed Out

Just a few photos of yesterday’s outfit but first, an outfit from ~3 weeks ago that I forgot to post:

maxi skirt

Maxi dresses (and skirts) are my current favorite, they make for quick and easy outfits on lazy days. I’m in need of working on my midsection, though, so I can pair my maxi skirts (I say it like I have a ton when the truth is, I only have three; one being made of black lace that I’ve had since college and is currently MIA. This is a reminder to look for it. HELGA, DO NOT FORGET. HELGA, DO NOT FORGET.) with crop tops.

Coco Cabaña



Perhaps I Should’ve Worn Blue Today

…because I’ve got a bad case of the Monday blues.

My stress levels are off the charts today; one of the things I dread the most happened— I lost my camera’s battery charger. It’s driving me nuts wondering how something could just disappear! I was an hour late for work because I couldn’t just let it go. I looked everywhere! Checked my closet several times, checked my bags, medicine cabinets, boxes (I have three boxes in my room where I usually keep the charger in), paper bags, the couch, plastic bins where we store random stuff, my drawers— everywhere! I am giving it another shot tonight; I’m really hoping I find it because a genuine Canon LC-E5E/LP-E5 charger costs over PHP2000.

What a fantastic way to start my week.

But enough of my woes, for now. Today’s outfit:

Perhaps I Should’Ve Worn Blue Today.


Weekend Accessories Haul, 2

I cannot get enough of pretty rings! I can’t believe I waited 25 years to finally feel comfortable enough to deck out my fingers (which are short, stubby, and very un-ladylike) with them.

Yesterday, I went with my mom to buy accessories for my tita who’s flying in from the US. Of course, my mom and I had to get a bunch of stuff for ourselves, too.

Weekend accessories haul.