Drugstore Mini-Haul

Headed to Watson’s last night to get some supplies (and by supplies I mean hair dye and a foundation sponge which I forgot to buy) and came home with these:

Left to right: Daggett and Ramsdell Knee and Elbow Lightening Cream (PHP295), Olay Total Effects(PHP700ish), Kolours in Toasted Anise (PHP230ish), Sensa Tea Tree Oil foaming facial wash (PHP138), and Sally Hansen facial hair bleach (PHP365).

Drugstore mini-haul, click!

Latest Saizen Buys

Just a few things I got from Saizen two weeksish ago: charcoal mask, liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow palette, and knee-high socks (more like tights; stretches to thigh highs).


I quite love the liquid eyeliner though it’s a bit watery. Prior to this, I was using e.l.f.’s with the very stiff brush which made for messy eyes. This one’s brush is soft, thin, and easier to handle. I’d still like to try pen liquid eyeliners, though.

I wish I didn’t bother with the charcoal mask. I don’t even know why I got it considering I don’t have blackheads (a quick google query says that’s what it’s for?). It clings to you like skin and peeling it off really really hurts; my face was stinging afterwards. What a waste of 85 pesos.

I’ll have to go back soon to get more knee-high tights and try out their fake lashes. Doncha just love Daiso/Saizen.

Photos Like Diaries

Hello hello, ’tis Friday, ’tis the weekend. I plan on staying in and playing Frontierville on Facebook (I am a loser, yes) while eating healthy things that will make me look less like a cheeseburger and more like a vixen of sorts. I might not be able to resist a bag of Cheetos, though, so we shall see.

Photos! Of Nothing! Important! From! The Week! That! Was!

Helga Weber

At 830am, the sun peeks through the side of my native blinds, reflects on my mirror, and blinds me. That is my cue to get up and start the day but I usually just flip my head to the other end of the bed.

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Food, Vanity, New Boots, Etc

Orrrr, a reason to post photos.

Last night’s “dinner”: condensed milk on toasted oat bread. Super good; made less sinful by not buttering the toast.

condensed milk on toast

New boots new boots new boots. I originally got them in black but they weren’t my size (I tried to make them fit, haha) so I sent them back and got them in brown instead. Kind of a weird shade of brown, beige-ish and almost gray. I like it. My thighs are looking flabby, I haven’t been working out he he he. IDK why my legs look stubby, too, must be the boots.

Helga Weber

I didn’t fix the straps on the right boot properly, obviously. The shirt I’m wearing is one of my thrift finds from last Sunday.

More photosssss

Latest Thrift Buys

Went thrifting last Sunday and came home with four tops, a funny knitted pullover (it has a silver “Hepburn” patch on front), a pair of flats, and the best cardigan thing in the whole wide world!

Quick snap of everything:

ukay ukay

Flats; cloth lining, rubber sole. I’m not squeamish when it comes to buying used footwear (but I rarely do; I think the last time I bought shoes from ukay was… eight years ago?) so long as I can wash it like I do clothes. For this pair: washed and scrubbed with detergent and an old toothbrush, air dried out in my balcony (boyfriend told me to keep it away from the sun), and then sprayed with Lysol. I must remember to buy insoles.

ukay ukay

THE BEST CARDIGAN THING IN THE WORLD! Boyfriend HATES it but I adore it; it’s one of my favorite things in my wardrobe now. At first, I thought they were sequined ducks but they look more like swans now. Boyfriend thinks they could be swans with long legs, cranes, ostriches, or emus. I feel like a grandmother AND I LOVE IT.

ukay ukay

I usually go to the ukay store in the Anonas LRT2 station (I pass by this place everyday on my way to work but I still don’t know the name). I was a little miffed that they miscalculated my purchases and overcharged me but it’s all right. I spent a little less than what I would on a pair of brand new wedges or the equivalent of 36 packs of Marlboro Reds bought from my neighborhood grocery.

Ew, I should quit smoking soon.

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