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2011 Goals and Projects

Happy new year, happy new decade a couple of days late! I had this whole collage of self-portraits from 2010 almost done on Photoshop the night of the 31st ’til I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to finish that AND cobble up a decent blog entry in twenty minutes. Besides, who in their right mind would spend New Year’s eve on the internet, reading my blog, anyway?

So 2010 was pretty uneventful but maybe I’ll save that for my next entry (aka where I post photos from my New Year’s). Today, I write about stuff I hope to do in the next 362 days. These are not resolutions, mind you… and no, I’m not about to blather on about how stupid and useless resolutions are. I think resolutions are fun to write down but I’ve outgrown the whole thing. What I need are goals, not just resolutions (because without the former, the latter is useless… I think?). I’m keeping this list simple so they’d be more doable. I know people say you should shoot for the stars or moon yadda yadda but I want to keep things realistic.

On to them goals… and projects!!!

behind the scenes

Dear Reader

I hope you like cats because I have, for you, a handful of photos of my/our cats from when I was at my folks over the weekend! It’s been a while since I last saw all of them and I hate that I have somehow developed an allergy for cat fur! I have to make sure I keep them away from my face and that I wash my hands with soap and water right after cuddling them. Why can’t I be allergic to something else, like IDK, a cabinet lock?!



Christmas Cheer Is For Losers

Dressed in black because I hate da world.

I am fully aware that Christmas is over (nuts how 2010 went by quickly, yeah?) but I was too busy to publish this post last week (Christmas rush! Christmas… things! Christmas frenzy!) and I was internet-less over the weekend (I survived, surprise surprise).

Just a quick post as I am in dire need of blog entries. If it’s not painfully obvious yet, I am in lovelovelove with these boots (the same way that I am in lovelovelove with contemporary furniture). I’ve probably mentioned that a few million times in recent entries and I will probably keep saying it every time I wear them (provided I remember to snap a photo).

Christmas Cheer Is For Losers